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Friday, April 7, 2017

Trumper Thumper

What does Syria have that we want?

Russia's only legit friendly naval port in the Mediterranean. It would be difficult, though not impossible, for Russia to run operations in the semi-opened Black-Mediterranean Seas. This would stop them from operating in Syria and make them rethink their bullying of Turkey into opening the Bosphorus.
Russian Navy
Russian naval facility in Tartus
Russia starts expansion of naval base in Syria?
Russian warships and naval assets sailing through Bosphorus strait has Turkey frightened

They're the center for ISIS. They wont go away; even more likely to go the OBL route early on, living in caves, constantly on the run. They'll still attack, much like the ghost of Al-Qaeda.
Raqqa, the ISIS Capital
Geography of Syria (Show me the Caves.)

 Al-Qaeda is here too. See: ISIS, as previously mentioned. History is a wheel. Does this sound familiar, feel familiar? YUGE.

They surely have sand, and some water. They have some oil. Here is where it gets difficult with people. We're just bombing the living crap out of Syria for the oil, just like we did with Iraq, they will say, we can't force those poor people to sell their oil to us for pennies on the dollar! Where were you when oil prices were driven to dang-near all-time lows when ISIS was in control of the oil? In your SUV, waiting in line for dollar-a-gallon gas? The Great Morenco and the Sexy Weiner Machine This tells you some of what you need to know. You must RESEARCH and DECIDE FOR YOURSELF based on the remainder of the FACTS. YUGE.

A West-friendly Syria gives Israel a buffer zone against the Arab World that wants them dead. Israel should be able to fend for themselves!, you chirp. They've proven several times before they can stand up and fight for themselves and WIN. They'd just like to know that somebody has their back if the situation gets a little too tough. America stepped up and became Israel's wing man. That's part of the reason why Radical Islamic Terrorists call us the Great Satan and Israel the Little Satan. Is it so bad to like to see somebody get ahead in life through hard work and determination to live? EIB Update: Egypt and Middle East Tensions 9.10.2011 YUGE.

The recent U.S. bombing of Syria is a direct effect of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's pay-to-play oil pipeline scam. We will be suffering the effects of the Clinton, Obama and other potentially dumb regimes for years to come.

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