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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Second Civil War, Genesis, the Obamanation and other Revelations, August-October


Hope. Faith. Prayer. Positive Attitude. These thing along with a REVIVAL can divert this scenario to a future time. Resist Satan at every step. If we are in sin, we MUST repent! The HOUR is coming.

The Second Civil War, released 3.15.1997
3.15.2014 is the 17th anniversary of the movie release
One and Seven is 8
The sign of Saturn/Satan is 8
The start of Spring 2014 comes on 3.20.2014
3.15.2014 falls on the SABBATH, which the LORD says CANNOT happen.
God has given overtime, if you will, for the salvation of mankind. The number of days/weeks/months/years of this overtime is between 1 and 10. This is four OUR benefit, that we may be saved and KNOW the LORD and His Father. Matthew 24
3.15.2014-3.19.2014 four days: and the fifth, Genesis 1:23-31 - - Revelation 14, especially verses 1-5 (When Revelation 13-17 represent 2013-2017; verses - months and/or events occurring therein.)

These events are started by a civil war, most likely in the United States. Clearly significant countries in civil war cannot be ruled out, such as Syria and Egypt. We've seen news reports on Egypt and Syria, and have a somewhat clear picture as to how those events escalated. But what about the United States? Surely, we aren't THAT close to another civil war! Are we-? I tell you: ANYTHING is possible. ANYTHING can happen when SYNCHRONICITY is involved and DOES.

The time scale in use is 540 years. Jonathan Kleck, Joseph Pal, Perry Stone, Jack Van Impe, Hal Lindsey, George Noory, Andy Firecharger, KnowJesusKnowPeace, Adam Davis. They all know of/talked about time scales positively or negatively. I believe the 540 year time scale was briefly mentioned in the coast to coast episode, along with several others above videos.

+/- 1 year/per cycle; 2 cycles = +/- 2 years etc.

2014 - 540 = 1474
1474 - 540 = 934
934 - 540 = 394

The Major date in this cycle is the first. 1474, more specifically the death of King Henry IV of Castille. There are specific references which I could not currently tell you (perhaps beyond some sort of mentioning of the time scales) that were brought up during the 8.19.2013 Coast to Coast episode. Perhaps it was as simple as hearing the 540 year cycle mentioned and doing the math. Whatever the circumstances, this is a critically important event. Synchronicity creates a mirror-like state/event. You may call it deja vu, if in this case you are more than 540 years old. It is my belief, that when researched and prayed upon and using great discerning, that King Henry IV of Castille is a mirror to Barack Obama.

Henry was King for 20 years; Obama has been in politics roughly 20 years, seemingly groomed from the start to be POTUS. Some of Henry's early life is known; the place where he was born (since destroyed), a few events between 1444-45, the eventual issues with his bloodline. Obama being rather secretive (mostly) about where he was born; 1982-83, corresponding roughly to 1444-45, (a corrupting influence) these same years Obama could be entering college - yet people who attended the same classes with him can't seem to recall him ever being in class; the bloodline issues (Obama has a different father, he's gay, etc.)

The bloodline is at issue here. No, not the actual bloodline (I am NOT racist), rather the political bloodline. What happens if there were no more king/president? Two women fought over King Henry's seat on the throne between 1474-79. I believe the same could occur in this scenario. One being Michelle Obama, fighting to preserve her husband's works - in reality, struggling to hold onto that power which she almost lusts for. The other being Hilary Clinton, who would be absolutely ruined for protection in this worst case scenario. Her ex-POTUS semi-husband could not even begin to save her. Thus Hilary's NEED for that power. I believe this conflict comes somewhere in December 2013 - January 2014, probably close to Henry IV's death/birth dates 12.11/1.5 (I don't think the Obamanation will die.)

What do the other dates have to do with this? 934 /(935)/ is important as that date tells you what manages to bring back peace to the situation. Two words: Cordoba Initiative. Two very eerie words, as the Cordoba Initiative is the framework for the one-world religion and one-world government; a post-United States world. Too deep a crisis to get out of on our own? Let's see.

The other date: 394 (395) /(396)/ Is important because it shows us a scenario for a final call out of a bad situation. Stilicho, the Western Roman Emperor 396-408, leads what is to be the final push to save the northwest portion of the Empire (Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, portions of France). Are we to believe in any way shape or form that the United States even remotely resembles Britain? EVER. SINCE. COLONIZATION. Two years before, in 394, the sacred fire, alight for countless years, went out.

The light goes out, and many are left alone and frightened over what they've chosen for themselves. If only they had the LORD with them.

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