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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Warriors Come Out and Play

People find it easier to follow the 'give up way' instead of the 'warrior way' simply because its easier. We will take the easiest path 99/100. One wants to go HARDCORE. Ninety-nine others left; some to say NO to the warrior way; some to feel lukewarm to the idea of the warrior way-- could they ever warm up?; others, yeah, they want the warrior way, but just can't bring themselves to do something about it. Was it civilization or its 'teachers' that could not put these people over the top? Was it the people themselves? 99% imperfection is a large mountain to overcome. We are far from a 'perfect civilization.' Are our teachers not meant to lift up these people from the depths? We know that societies sometimes give out anywhere from a few loaves of bread to a staggering amount of food stamps to their lowest classes. We know too that sometimes what little in life they did have was decided to be too much by the government in power.

Vast Active Living Information System

What is beauty in civilization? There is no beauty in killing your own. There is no beauty in giving your own a few loaves of bread. There is no beauty in giving your own a few hundred dollars in food stamps. Beauty is raising up a generation and generations that did better than yourself. Greco-Roman? Western? Islamic? Star Trek? Star Wars? Pop Culture? Are these beautiful things to think about in view of the Perfect Civilization?

Just trying to create the Perfect Civilization here.

Star Trek claimed to be the Perfect Civilization, or at least the next best thing. However, they had disintegrator rays, space madness and the red shirts still died left and right. Go for the next best thing when you're 'Perfect.' Except you've got a One World System and the only message you hear is: Our Red Shirts are fine. Space Madness can be cured. We need our phasers to defend against 'lesser cultures.' The only Red Shirt that was fine was Jonathan Goldsmith, Khan was created during a time of Earth Madness; our shields are set to deflect. "Islamic culture and society isn't the problem, but Western culture and society might be," is a common deflection. The Other Khan, Sadiq, Mayor of London, has used this as an example after the London Attacks. This deflects from the problem of Islamic Loser Terrorism.

This is neither Khan Noonien Singh OR Sadiq Khan; it was the closest available picture on short notice.

The Khans are an example of the super-soldier, from a time  when everything was considered 'fine.' Terrorism? Mohammed said that's fine, Islam being the House of Peace, non-muslims being the House of War. Sadiq Khan uses his position of power to deflect the 'Muslims are the problem' idea to 'The British are the problem' within the very heart of the British Empire. The British see it; they might want to fight it, but will be called racist or accused of being some other ist or ism. The people of Earth saw Khan Noonien Singh and further consolidated their twenty or so nations into the One World System. These systems are similarly using force to institute a new One World Civilization onto their respective peoples.

Gooble, gobble, one of us!

The Red Shirts still died, versus contact with that backwards cult of death the Federation thinks it can lift from the muck. Non-muslims are pressured into either forced servitude or outright conversion. Is it luck that one is a fictional universe? Is it fate the other is not? Do we create an Amish Way of Life to defend against this reality? Do we create a Warrior Way? What is THE WAY to help defend against the Civilization that wants to eat you up and spit you out? One out of One-hundred can only go so far. Add a third of those ninety-nine and you're starting to get somewhere. What will you do when you you've realized you might actually have had the best civilization all along? Not 'Perfect', but 'Best.' The Best you've got versus a beast which you can't comprehend. Will you develop a 'Warrior Way' within your civilization, or let it go any which way?