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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Government Employment Schemes, the American Political Environment and POTUS Potential

Government Employment Schemes are mostly that: Feelgood scams to waste taxpayer monies. Government says, we're doing something-- the politician feels they've held up their beliefs while making a few bucks; you're going nowhere, with no bucks left for a hamburger or rent or mortgage payment. Who is going to create? Not the Government, they've become overgrown and need to be trimmed down. Will they regulate their schemes with rules to torture those 'employed'? Will the imprison you for non-work? Will they make you a slave? Whoops, I thought that ended long ago. Government was not created to offer employment. Who is going to create? We are. Americans, Australians; people in a freedom loving world. Free to pick up a camera and report on events, free to write a lengthy response to an interesting comment. With our creations we earn a few bucks here and a few bucks there. We pay out a few of those bucks in taxes to the Government. This is creation. This is what we do, whether its on our own or with help of friends and family. Sure, you could possibly get a grant or funding from the government, but wouldn't it be better if you were to create something with no strings attached from the government? What about those friends and family that said, keep going! Don't give up on your dream! Do they live as a source of inspiration and hope or a waste byproduct of the government that has to be thrown away into the dumps?

The American Political Environment has been in a free-fall since later 2007-early 2008. More and more people are coming to believe the problem is: Democrats and Republicans. An example, Franklin Graham's recent split from the Republican Party. The belief is there that the Republicans have lost theirs. Thus Graham and many others split into non/third-party Conservatism. I don't know about Trump, seeing that first debate he was the only one that said he wouldn't run third party-- I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone like Ted Cruz did well but not well enough, that he might run third party. Or Trump gets screwed at the convention and give the nomination to someone else, likely Rubio. That's just plain anti-American. A similar argument can be made for Hillary Clinton. America was not designed to be a monarchy, ruled over by a hopeful Queen, or Kings. (How's Jebby holding up? Rand, the King of the Elves?) We already had eight years of Wild Bill and all those schemes and treachery. THE HORROR. We've got the Bern bringing out the crazy, socialist ideals of the far left. Their voters seem to have it figured for Hillary, but Bernie is kind of like the Trump of the Left. I have a crazy feeling that Clinton-Sanders will be closer than anyone could have thought. That's why I want the voters who believe they have to support a Democrat give that support to Martin O'Malley. Just because he doesn't seem crazy. Sad. If you have to support a third party candidate, I'm running for President. Timothy Munn (R-MI). Clearly, the Republicans haven't been too supportive of my run. I pledge my run as an Independent RepubliCAN and to support Conservative Values.

Nobody wants a $30 Big Mac because of $15/hr minimum wage. Or even worse, unemployment because robots took your job. There is no market for a standard wage when clearly certain jobs remain more valuable than others. It is theoretically when one gains the job title of 'Existing' could a Standard Wage be implemented. Everybody Exists, whether in this dimension or other-wheres.