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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Test TTS Cast Didn't Work

TTS - Text-to-Speech. I'm not doing that anymore. Stuff isn't even cheap!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Future Thoughts on Present Events

More from Facebook:

     History is written from the future. At present, this is the present. If we are proven to be wrong at some point in future history, then so be it. Future Winners write the past history. Winning is definitely good, but perhaps not as important to giving start to a change in the way things are going. We don't know the future; we will say this position or that position will be the best position for America, Australia or the World. The only position is now. What is happening now is not right on many levels, if you're on the left or right. In 1944 we had WINNERS who put their lives on the line. 2016 we have bronies who need to have a 'Participation Trophy' for their vote for Harambe or being rioters. However, you can't have a left wing without a right wing. Flap, flap. Most people will come together, a few die-hards to left or right thinking will do their own thing on the spectrum. The cool thing about that is we can let that happen and call it out for what it is. I'd rather not have bronies or harambe bros; I'd rather have HARDCORE AMERICANS, AUSTRALIANS or any other person than those types. I'm no fascist, no nazi, no Hitler, I believe I've proven that already. I have faith in humanity, in the future. I wouldn't know if someone were a brony or a Harambist unless it was blatantly obvious. I probably wouldn't ask if it wasn't. If they are Future Winners, then good for them. They stuck to what they believed in and let it at that. I would hope that it would go the same for both left and right. The truly most malicious instrument of hatred is humanity. Be better than the right or the left, they'll sway and rule you, one way or the other.

     We learn from what is happening now. When things start going wrong, the start of the wrong is already past, like the riots. Trump won, Hillary lost. Now she and George Soros have gotten together and sent her minions out to riot. The trouble started when Hillary was not indicted by Comey back in July. We can't travel through time and force Comey to indict on that overwhelming evidence. We can't travel through time and stop Hitler. This is history we LEARNED the HARD WAY. Ease and simplicity, humans want these things. We can't have them, because we keep learning the hard way. We're afraid of having faith in a positive future because we don't do the things we need to do to survive efficiently as a society. We're afraid because we don't have long on this earth to bring about the change we think is necessary for our lives and others. Some have lost faith in themselves to be instruments for change one way or the other, veering off into some ist or ism that makes effort only enough to exist at that moment. This is historical worthlessness. Why shouldn't we learn from that? That what each individual does to move society forward in a meaningful way has importance. The left-winged monster cannot do that. The right-winged monster cannot do that. The whole creature that is humanity can change, without taking any unnatural losses. Have faith in humanity. Have faith in the future. Have faith in Jesus Christ. This is the change we can learn about, to believe in.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trumpsmarts, Light Predicting and the Electoral College

     I have a feeling Trump will make some good decisions. People will want to hate him, like the never trump crowd and those still getting funding from the DNC/Soros etc. It will go so long as he is president. I believe there is throwback to 1980 and Ronald Reagan. Trump is no Reagan, but I believe he will be the next best thing since Reagan. He's not the smartest man politically, not even a politician!, but he can clearly recognize that in people. He will use those smarts learned in business to help surround himself in the know about the political things.

     He's not a stupid man. I believe what he will do is likely to be more positive than negative. I'm coming more to the belief that Bill Clinton, Bush43 and Obama have taken the term 'American Experiment' literally; they've run their experiments on the people, those same people being somewhat willing participants. The American people were saying in this election: We want more solutions to our problems than experiments with them, where those experiments may make our problems worse. I don't believe any president or political leader can get fully away from running experiments. Trump's plan to fix the inner cities is a good example. Urban homesteading, economic influx, school choice, building projects: He is telling them: I want to help lift you up, so you don't have to be down any longer.

     I'm torn on the electoral college. It ensures each state has a say. At the same time, it does take away that popular vote feeling. You may have voted for the popular candidate (Hillary) only to see her lose. However, if it were to happen more than five times in fifty-eight tries, many would say change it. There is never enough momentum to make a switch to popular vote or something such as first past the post, simply because it doesn't happen enough. It doesn't happen enough because the electoral college system is actually working the way it is supposed to if one goes by the numbers. With what system do you replace this method of voting which is not broken? If it's not broke, do you 'fix it' until it's broken?