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Monday, August 10, 2015

Debate Debacle

From the Depths of Facebook:

Either side of the Debate Debacle you're on, it still doesn't account for a few questions, or why Ted Cruz was given the HAND several times, or why Megyn Kelly mocked GOD then went right away to Cruz, who aside from Huckabee, has one of the more spiritual/religious backgrounds of those who were on the dais.

I'm not for Trump, but neither am I for the Trump bashing. YOU may be just as bad as Trump, calling him your silly names. Who should stoop to the levels of kidism and call names? Is your name in the Top Ten? Are you jealous that someone IS NOT smearing your name, depriving you of the kidism name-calling techniques you should probably forget about? Trump IS good at that sort of thing, he doesn't seem to deny it. The Rosie bit from a while back, which most of you jumped on (I include myself in that list); this spat with Megyn.

Jerkism should be met with a Proper Defense. A Defense against Jerks. This may mean that you jerk the jerks around. Use their own techniques against them. One hit was met with another.

Who can you blame? If not Trump, then Kelly, If not Kelly, then God. As shown, there are numerous biblical references to the issues of blood. Among current events/scientific references, there could be the Ebola Outbreak, or the recent outbreaks of plague in Colorado and California. As SEEN, Kelly DID mock GOD. THERE is an issue I have with the debate. The open mockery of God. Maybe those who really study and understand these various issues put together the blood remarks earlier in the debate with the mocking of God. Are the differences between man and woman Trump's fault? If not Trump, then God? My real beef is with Megyn Kelly's attitude towards Ted Cruz, totally jerking him around by not letting him respond and the mockery of God, pointed towards him. Twenty-three percent of Trump supporters would agree with him, clearly. Are you paying attention to the issues of Ted Cruz and God? Is it really a coincidence that these two issues are biblical? Can you risk it if they are? Are you a jerk if they're not, or just dumb? (Riding the Social Justice bandwagon into the sunset.)

Monday, August 3, 2015

I Tweet for the SALVATION of Noob's SOULS

.@ICHOR_Fanboy - @amish_man Bruh im sry I cant take you seriously with your name and all and your cousin has harrased my friends and i on all social media - @amish_man @ProGrizzly i can take you seriously now man i just read that your wise bet on your years also i didn't post that a kid named.... - @amish_man @ProGrizzly jake did he got on my buds account and acre like me i didn't want him to take the blame that's why i said i did it

One minute you can't take the post from myself seriously and then one minute later you can? Where is your professionalism ray b talked about having? This is why I cannot take you seriously youth! My friend BS is old, older than myself. Older than old. Excuses are old. It's coming from YOUR ACCOUNT; was it you who wrote the 'apology'?, or was it Jake from State Farm? Professionalism is seemingly a concept a youth such as yourself cannot grasp. EFFECTIVELY PASSWORD all your accounts. Don't let your dumb friends use your technology which, as we have seen, is only making you look dumb. DON'T DO IT! I am helping you, youth! If only we had a Don't Be a Dumb Kid instead of DARE! PROFESSIONALISM. I can't take you seriously unless you do a few things: Protect those passwords; say fluff off to your dumb friends and get with the smart (and likely to be) professional kidzzz; man up and don't make excuses. Don't go tweeting dumb crap like that. I wouldn't give you two seconds if I were looking to sponsor you once I saw that. The sponsors SHOULD be vetting whom they choose to sponsor, and weed out the dumb kidzzz from the professional kidzzz. These tweets ARE NOT A GAME. There are NO GAMES OUT HERE, ONLY REALITY. You can't play games forever, you WILL REALIZE that, like Grizzly has been realizing. Be professional. You and the ray guy started this whole thing when you left EPG. I can't get after you about that, that was your own choice. The stupid choice was all this hate that's erupted since. You and ray guy didnt have to make a diss video on Grizzly. You could have went the 'professional' route like ray guy claimed and leave it at that. Ray guy did it and YOU are letting it keep going. Break it off! Delete them, block them if you don't really want to be part of their organization! You KEEP GOING BACK. MOVE FORWARD. Move ON from dumb kidzzz organizations EPG AND ICHOR (they're ALL just friends lists anyways, sorry ray guy). I don't really give a fluff what goes on in EPG or any other dumb kidzzz 'organization' - its the fluff that manages it's way out there that does involve me. Someone from the incredibly 'professional' 'organization' (ray guy and jake from state farm) managed to try and lay the smack down on Grizzly's folks and myself, the cousinry mentioned earlier. They can think up some negative things to say about dumb kidism, as I'm sure they have. You have seen my tweets, what do they say? DON'T. BE. A. DUMB. KID. These tweets may not be so professional, but I feel that I must stoop to the levels of 14 year old kidism to communicate these things to you. You did not understand the 'I want you to succeed, but not this way' sentence. I thought it was a good sentence. What was gotten from those few words? Jake from State Farm. DUMB KID ALERT THIS FANBOY AND/OR JAKE RIGHT HERE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED. I must say this as respectfully as I can, you MUST BELIEVE IT. I speak for myself only, not Grizzly or anyone else. DELETE IT ALL, FANBOY JAKE FROM STATE FARM. Put your head in A BOOK. Do you know what those are? GO OUTSIDE. LEARN ABOUT WHAT IS AROUND YOU. SELL YOUR 'PRECIOUS' VIDEO GAMES. You WILL make it, BUT NOT THIS WAY. STOP BEING HATEFUL. Tell your friends from State Farm to stop being hateful. Make the Bible one of your top five books to read. ACCEPT JESUS INTO YOUR LIFE. You will not make it this way. Stupidity is in a slow, but steady downturn. IT WILL SOON BE EXTINCT. Will you go hand in hand with it? I hope not.

Your Friend

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Tweet for the Well-Being of Noobs

.@ICHOR_Fanboy Check with your fellow 'co-owner' and his rt's. I AM part of the @progrizzly cousinry, there is NO ACCEPTABLE APOLOGY for that kind of scumbag talk. If you, the other dude (ray b or whatever) or grizzly are so butthurt over dislikes, you clearly should not be in the business of youtube videos, or any other such life choice which could garner such criticisms. (I'm thinking that's most stuff humans do.) The ray dude's noobism wasn't so bad that it actually allowed him to vaguely get what I was saying to him. I don't know if you could. I am hurt by your actions of extreme stupidity. It is an EXTREMELY RARE OCCASION I have been hurt like this. I have no other way to counter your stupid words except to write this and tell you to check your stupid, ignorant words at the door. Turn yourself around noob. Maybe you'll get somewhere in life instead of being a hateful loser. I want you and ray b and grizzly to succeed in life. I'm telling you now, you can't do it like this. Maybe the ray b dude, maybe grizzly. Not you dude. I've only read that comment and seen (once again *sigh*) the back and forth hate video documenting the dislikes. I don't need to hear or see any more from this section of "ichor" to know that no good will come from that end. Turn it around kid, maybe you will go somewhere in life. I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED, BUT NOT LIKE THIS. I will proceed to dislike the hate videos and whatever other videos I choose. Do not get butthurt. This is America, we want you to succeed, BUT NOT LIKE THIS.

Your Friend,