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Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Tweet for the Well-Being of Noobs

.@ICHOR_Fanboy Check with your fellow 'co-owner' and his rt's. I AM part of the @progrizzly cousinry, there is NO ACCEPTABLE APOLOGY for that kind of scumbag talk. If you, the other dude (ray b or whatever) or grizzly are so butthurt over dislikes, you clearly should not be in the business of youtube videos, or any other such life choice which could garner such criticisms. (I'm thinking that's most stuff humans do.) The ray dude's noobism wasn't so bad that it actually allowed him to vaguely get what I was saying to him. I don't know if you could. I am hurt by your actions of extreme stupidity. It is an EXTREMELY RARE OCCASION I have been hurt like this. I have no other way to counter your stupid words except to write this and tell you to check your stupid, ignorant words at the door. Turn yourself around noob. Maybe you'll get somewhere in life instead of being a hateful loser. I want you and ray b and grizzly to succeed in life. I'm telling you now, you can't do it like this. Maybe the ray b dude, maybe grizzly. Not you dude. I've only read that comment and seen (once again *sigh*) the back and forth hate video documenting the dislikes. I don't need to hear or see any more from this section of "ichor" to know that no good will come from that end. Turn it around kid, maybe you will go somewhere in life. I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED, BUT NOT LIKE THIS. I will proceed to dislike the hate videos and whatever other videos I choose. Do not get butthurt. This is America, we want you to succeed, BUT NOT LIKE THIS.

Your Friend,

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