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Monday, February 9, 2015

Reddit Rant 1: I'm (not) Reddit - The Revised and Expanded Edition

Hello the Reddit. I've been on here nearly a year. I created this 'subreddit' to post some stuff up here. I haven't gotten it badly, at least since the tumblr incident, why are you posting here? Why are you even on Reddit? I've heard good things about the Reddit. I've heard the bad things too. Reddit isn't 'free', not if things can be downvoted into oblivion, or banned for posting content 100% RELEVANT TO THE SUBREDDIT. You aren't really allowed to post your own content. Is this Reddit Democracy? Reddit can't be democracy, unless you're an idiot. (Look it up.) Reddit is more... socialism? Communism? Some ism that isn't good. A collective. A redistribution. That's probably more along the lines of Redditism-Socialism. Rebranded as 'democracy' for the young and/or inept. I want Reddit to work for those that want to use it, myself included. I have intense levels of HFPPA that it can work. I just wish it would have less socialism/-istic robots...

A redistribution of the tools at your disposal to create and possibly profit from the media you create in. Whether it be a blog posting or a podcast or a quick informational video, why would any person or group take away your TOOLS with which you CREATE? Why would they hoard those tools for themselves? 'Me and my cronies know what's best for you. Any more and we'll give you what for!' Do the everyday 'redditors' have your backs? Do they even have their own?

Maybe Reddit is Communists, they can hoard just as easy as they can redistribute. Are their systems for 'easy integration for US or THEM?; for those young and useful idiots that just don't know any better; for the Communist and Socialist Systems easier use and abuse of the United States and its FREE MARKETS. Feed them the 'dumb and uneducated'; how much money are they making off of you? Advertisements? Clicks? Visits to Reddit?

I've got the reddits (why did you/didnt you bother to edit your post) the twitters the tumblrs the facebooks. they mostly do the same thing. youtube and liveleak (it was video on liveleak that I finally
decided to join reddit, around the same time I joined LL I believe). I have no videos there, only a few on yt. I don't have to, yet I feel compelled to post this tiny reddit rant here. I do believe in the reddit/socialism connection. Maybe I just want people here to know I'm people too. I've got something to share.

Something more to share. Knowledge wants to be free, so why put a few extra limitations on it, the Reddits? Are you scared that CAPITALISM and the OPEN MARKET might rear up on you and stamp you out, realizing the nature of what they see before themselves? The Reddits, are you scared some 'redditors' may decide to JOURNEY FOR KNOWLEDGE outside your CONTROL? Of course you are, that's the LOVE of the OPEN MARKET, the LOVE OF KNOWLEDGE calling. Could you put this in /r/TodayILearned and 'get away with it'? No. It would be thoroughly bashed upon arrival. Where can you legitimately share TRUE KNOWLEDGE OPENLY without fear of suppression? Is Reddit so 'free'?

We're ALL WITHIN these SYSTEMS, I realize that and hope you do as well. We're using these systems and pushing back against them at the same time. Really, we're experimenting to find our own systems, perhaps to build a better and TRULY FREE SYSTEM. 'Corporate Entities' cannot promote these systems, only to promote your wasting away into a stupefied oblivion.

From 3.6.2015
From /R/TodayILearned /User/MXBQ:
TIL the first time Reddit was mentioned in the New York Times, it was described as "foolish collectivism" that "grinds away the Web's edges and saps it of its humanity". (June 10, 2006)

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