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Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Entry

Another blog posting from the Twitter Files, for those that may have missed it. Be forewarned, I might be hopping mad!: Reading: The Other Mccain, The GamerGate Hoax, 10.16.2014

As the World Tweets

The FAKERY going on in that ordeal is INTENSE. I like the games, the computers. I also like doing the RESEARCH to find the TRUTH. It's probably not even hacking. Scumbags. If we were talking about #ebola or #zombies or the #isis ISICKLES maybe, we'd be saying: FALSE FLAG, INSIDE JOB, IT'S A LIE! But we're talking about the gamism and the feminism trying to converge and coagulate into something that just isnt right for anyone anywhere. When it actually comes to 'reporting' those peoples, they become NOPEHARDS, the Power of NOPE overwhelming their very being. (See non-hacking scumbags. READ: It's an INSIDE JOB.) They are Living No. Not here, not now, NOT EVER. This would be a better motto for them; Socialists, Communists, the would-be regulators of 'fun' and 'games'.

Happy Entry: The Big Reveal

Anonymous Twitter: seen them
I saw them too. I saw what they did. Heinous. Shh... They don't want you to know they're here to rain on everyone's parade, to dictate what is the 'new fun' to YOU.
'This game is fun.'
BORING GAME - Reviewer.
'I am a woman. You hate me.'
'Repeat to infinity.'
Because there is always that slight chance if you say something that is false long enough, it could become truth. The gamists are fighting against liars and cryhards, those who are unable to take criticisms thrown their way. Feminists and other cryhard opportunists decided to jump aboard the ship. They aren't doing it for any form of 'justice', no! They're in it for the DOLLAR$. 'Look at me! This is an issue. We have tissues we must buy on top of these games! Every time someone beats us in a game, WE MIGHT CRY!'

Personal Story Experience

My sister is a HARDCORE GAMER. She NEVER CRIED ONCE. She only entered the TIRADE ZONE. #Zombies Black Ops II yo. ;) I've never seen a woman cry after being defeated in a video game. It might happen out there in gameland, but never to me or those I know. I would think that if you were a woman and you wanted to cry over it, you could do that, no problems from me. But a COACH would tell her, you just gotta accept the loss, learn from your mistakes and go on to bigger and better things. If she still couldn't control that, maybe the games just aren't for her. Maybe she'll realize it, maybe not. In general, it would be easier for someone to realize they aren't good at something than it would be to say: Dude, you're bad. Put it down. A learning experience either way. But you probably wouldn't think that after being told you suck horribly beyond all suck that ever existed. That's what is being said here (beyond all suck) but the offer is there to create something better - the talent is DEFINITELY there, why not use it?

It Came from the Comments Section

From the same story link:
I liked the whole Texas Hold 'Em/Day-Trading thread. I can't say much about either part, but know enough using the 'fake money' in the 'fantasy games' areas. Hold 'Em, eh... Trading, hey, I never lost any fake money. EVER. Alas, I am back to REALITY and must agree with the Mobius Strip comment. We MUST think about these issues, but not so hard that we lose focus on the important things, like... Texas Hold 'Em Poker and Day-Trading in the Stock Markets. Huh. I guess it's all a big gamble...
The 'Hollywood'-ism comment is one of the realest comments I've read so far. VAST overlaps of real and perceived territories including financial and other interests. ACTORS and ACTRESSES ACT and take action on these issues, acting in their plays and make-believe lands. They also write tweets and devise plans to ca$h in on the big payday of GAMING & HOLLYWOOD. Just look at some of the tweets Hollywood Celebritists have put out about this issue. Look at how it may coincide with some new project they're working on, the part they're trying to put themselves in the lead for. Just a little look, a little sneak peak, RESEARCH. Caught up in the ACT, John Wilkes Booth? WHOOPS. (Just a little less violent, I'll give the Hollywood Celebritists that.)
The last thread in comments, as of this writing (early on 10.19.2014), is a good one: It reveals the strengths and powers (also, weaknesses) of what these feminist, lying, opportunists are up against. As one commented, the Good Guys might not be the brightest bunch, but at the deepest of levels, the emotional level, they are one of THEE most fiercest groups out there. They will realize, if they haven't already, that their PERSONAL LIBERTY is AT STAKE here. When this happens, when they SEE that their God-given rights, BASIC RIGHTS, to LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS are eternally threatened by an abundance of perverse groups and their malicious thoughts, they will rise to the occasion. Not just as Americans or Canadians or any other nationality: No, that's not what those groups are against. They are against a WORLD-WIDE GROUP OF INTER-CONNECTED INDIVIDUALS WHO /ABSOLUTELY HATE/ THE FACT THAT ANYONE COULD INFRINGE ON SUCH A BASIC RIGHT OF HUMANS AS THAT OF HAPPINESS.

Last Words

Clean this mess up, AT THE SOURCE. Did you read the article? The opening paragraph, 'As the World Tweets'? It's an INSIDE JOB. Those involved should be dealt with according to the LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We can use those, just like computers, you know...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Return of Son of WMD

Call it a Conspiracy: NYT article ( LINK) is an entry point FOR troop deployment in Iraq. Surely NO ONE will want the ISICKLES to have Chemical and/or Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction in their possession. Obama, either sensing an attack via intelligence (unlikely) or seeing one unfold before his very eyes, can no longer hold the momentum back. You see the maps and the general locations of such 'hidden' dumps/stockpiles, you see the ISICKLES wrapping their tentacles around those places.
It seems most of the WMD's go back to the Iran-Iraq War and maybe a bit after. These weapons it is said are still VERY stable, some of which can be traced to Western Countries. However, the ISICKLES overran Iraq's former chemical warfare hub this past June. It contained a 'milk' dud: SEVERAL BUNKERS WORTH OF MATERIAL. It seems IRAQ IS a GOLD MINE for CHEMICAL WEAPONS. Not just at the hub of Iraq's CHEMICAL WEAPON PROGRAM, but at KEY points in Iraq. Several of which have the ISICKLES grasping at the knob and then some.
The ISCIKLES may not have the strength of manpower or weaponry to take on Baghdad, but what if they were to throw Chemical Weapons into the mix? Would Iraq's military hold? Certainly not. Would we hold? Probably not without Iraqi backup. It goes with the ISICKLES seemingly sudden surge forwards to Baghdad over the course of this past month, faster than some predicted. The ISICKLES have crushed the wills, the very SOULS of the Iraqi military; they move on to a better target: Baghdad. Can anyone say BENGHAZI? Because through ineptitude and/or complacency of the Obama Administration we are going to HAND OVER IRAQ to the ISICKLES at the expense of MUCH MORE AMERICAN LIVES THAN THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN had we not taken action before.
Did Bush lie? Is this fiasco his fault? It should be clear that he indeed had some shady intelligence on the matter of WMD's. 'Saddam Hussein's got a bunch of this, but not a ton of that. But no, Hussein's got only a little of this and a whole buttload of that!' Can we fault him for that? How about Obama? A failure to maintain a Status of Forces agreement with Iraq put us deep in a hole. An inability to stay away from the golf course led to Obama being absent during vital briefings on the ISICKLES and potentially important national and foreign subjects. Are you thinking EBOLA?
There is a clear pattern here. BUSH should have worked the SOURCES DEEPER, perhaps during or afterwards ramping up the search for those unaccounted for WMD's. Clearly we're finding out many of them did not go far, and probably not farther still to Syria. (Yeah, some ended up there too.) Obama? Gosh!, we just need a Bizarro Obama to actually pay attention to these things and fix what Regular Obama has broken. Can it be that simple?

Why couldn't I actually find a picture of Barack Osa-Obama as Bizarro Obama? He could have rode a unicorn!


We see it all around us, scandal after scandal, lie after lie. I hate to say it about the title of President of the United States of America, but can these failures be massive goofs? Some... maybe. Others, like Benghazi, ISIS, Ukraine/Russia, certain missing aircraft (and fleets), I believe we need to be asking ourselves America: Is Obama really working FOR US or AGAINST US?
Eh... not the usual quality, but I'm sick. I need to get this off and out of my chest... BLEH!

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Sheeple Minion Army of Little Gee Celebritism: Cult of Death

A Twitter Message Occurring on 8.29.2014:

Tough Guy, eh?

Tony Soprano: think about it. They aren't really asking if he is living or dead-

They're asking YOU if you are living or dead.

The Dead Celebritism Office

Why ask, using dead celebritism, if YOU are living or dead?

The dead will bury the dead. Pay no attention to those behind the curtain, those high upon the stages.

You aren't even real to them. Nor are they real to you; you click on the little box and accept their programming.

Using celebritism to promote death isn't a new thing. It really isn't new either when it causes death. - Death Decoded

Part Two

Tony Soprano's fate was left up ENTIRELY to viewer speculation. If you chose life, how could he have died? How could he have lived?

A confusion and apparently a retraction has come since. Misunderstanding the question... or something. Do you see this play?

MORNING FIBER. RT @tonyzump: The Democrat Platform is the same as a pile of cow dung........Actually Cow Dung has more substance.

(This actually kind of ties in later with the message.)

Playing the little gees. 'Certainly I AM alive.' This coming from them, clearly dead, unable to play any part aside from the pieces.

Production Values

Alive, but dead. Sounds more like a #Zombie than a 'sheeple'.

'Oh hey, let's watch The Grazing Sheep.' No. All they do is munch and munch. They don't have the mind muscle memory, the recall, that we do.

Memes and viral videos are a good example. Simply: Each one is different. It's not the same grass they're chewing. Different every time.

Sure, you can't over graze the animals in a single area. You gotta move em around.

Grass produces a similar texture. Memes, viral videos, different textures and results. #fiber

The 'Sheep' don't seem to have a good shepherd. But if they are dead 'sheeple', do they deserve a Good Shepherd?

Was the right specifically given to YOU to be a good shepherd to your 'sheeple', those that you have to 'wake up'?

We were given a Good Shepherd.

Discipleship. To be like Jesus. The animal will be no more than an animal. Man or zombie, they can grow/be revitalized into that role.

In Perpetuity

I don't believe people are getting it. We are more than just animals, even though our behavior sometimes doesn't show it.

A zombie could be led to bible study or church, feign understanding or force a smile - the mind muscle memory -

The animals, they just want to eat, sleep, and if they're lucky, get a chance to reproduce. Eat Sleep Reproduce. Eat Sleep Reproduce.

In perpetuity.

Jim Needs Your Minions

DepressedDarth Minion Jawas

Little minions... I believe that's all the sheeple could reproduce. 'You are TERRIBLE sheeple! Just terrible! Now go and make more minions!'

They NEED the Sheeple Minion Army. For their own desires, for their own pocket books.

Jim Jonesin for the Sheeple Minion Army.

Article Title

See that? How it all comes back around? The little gee.

The Sheeple Minion Army of Little Gee Celebritism. Cult of Death.

You know what you know and see what you see for a reason. -

Robin, James. Heck, even a snake named Jake and a zombie named Joan.

Robin said in the film, I wont do it. But he did it. Reality. Are you real? Are you fake? Are you alive? Are you dead?

Do those undesirable influences need to know your very definite answer? Maybe YOU need to see it, say it, experience it.


Words of Thanks.

@tradethecycles Thank you my friend!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

We Die Daily: Death Decoded

Ripped from the Headlines of Death!:

June 4, 2014:

John Baker, 86, British Anglican prelate, Bishop of Salisbury (1982–1993).

Yusuf Hamdan, 63, Malaysian businessman, instrumental in hostage release by Abu Sayyaf (2000), cancer.

George Ho, 94, American-born Chinese Hong Kong media owner (Commercial Television and Radio), recipient of the Gold Bauhinia Star (2001).

Saad Man, 63, Malaysian politician, Kedah MLA for Jitra, lung cancer.

Yasuo Masumoto, 67, Japanese industrial and farm machinery executive, chairman and president of Kubota.

Doc Neeson, 67, Australian musician (The Angels), brain tumour.

Chester Nez, 93, American Navajo code talker, last remaining Navajo that developed the code, recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal (2000), renal failure.

Lovemore Chipunza Sekeramayi, 67, Zimbabwean civil servant, Chief Elections Officer of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (since 2007).

Nathan Shamuyarira, 85, Zimbabwean newspaper editor and politician, Minister of Information (1980–1987) and Foreign Affairs (1987–1995).

Susan Spencer-Wendel, 47, American author, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Buddy Wentworth, 77, Namibian politician.

Walter Winkler, 71, Polish footballer (Polonia Bytom, national team).

Don Zimmer, 83, American baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers) and manager (Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs), heart failure as a complication from cardiac surgery.

The dead do not lie.  Thus, they ARE prone to tell a tale or two or three.

BAKER.  Maker of the Sustenance. Baked creationist. Developer of taste. Unravels the Code of Sustenance. The Bishop of Salisbury Steak (so revered). The Knower of Certain Angles. A bun in the oven.

Baked creationist. :(

HAMDAN.  Oink-oink. The Return of the Sustenance. Yus Yes-man. Malaysian Airliner Instruments (Businessman). He knows his stuff. Ham for Dan (he's Jewish, he can't eat pork). The Millennium.

HO.  Pimp out the Television and Radio. Everybody has a price. Set up for the bun oven. The Millennium starts now.

SAAD MAN.  This is a key point. MAN is in a SAD state of affairs right now. Not knowing where to go or what to do. Just flipping out their words kedahmlaforjitra, it just doesn't make sense anymore. Why is it (the synchronicity of events) pointing towards Malaysia all of a sudden, as being the reason for this sadness?

MASUMOTO.  Dump it! Sad? There are people out there that would gladly BURY you. The machine ALWAYS moves, whether it be to BURY you or DIG YOU OUT. MASU; measurement, specifically in the measurement of the Rice Sustenance. MOTO; base or origin. THE BASELINE READING OF YOUR SUSTENANCE LEVELS. THE ORIGIN OF YOUR SUSTENANCE LEVELS. WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? FUKUSHIMA? BURIED.

At the very least, you'll get to enjoy the view...

NEESON. The Answer: From the ANGELS sent by the LORD from HEAVEN. Must be MANNA from HEAVEN. We are measuring sustenance levels, you know? Who better than a doctor to measure the levels? NEE.

NEZ.  We're back to the developers. Navajo natives from the star peoples; the natives before the natives before the natives. Clovis is partly true. They weren't Native Americans, they weren't really Native Europeans. Were they Egyptians? Atlanteans? ANGELS from HEAVEN? What does gold (or any other metal) have to do with it? NAY.

SEKERAMAYI.  So much hidden here. Start with simple (ugh) name meaning, last/first/middle. First, from the Wikipedia: 'Seker (Sokar) is a falcon god (little g) of the memphite necropolis. Although the meaning of his name remains uncertain, the Egyptians in the Pyramid Texts linked his name to the anguished cry of Osiris to Isis, Sy-k-ri, hurry to me, in the underworld. Seker is strongly linked with two other gods, Ptah the chief god of Memphis and Osiris the god of the dead. (Note: aside from these dead people, Wiki Ancient Egypt info is, for the most part, spot on for source.) Seker; Turkish, sweet, candy. Ekera; why sweet? For the (meaning:) ants to hurry to. Old Slavonic: AXE, UNPAID DEBTS, SLASHING. May I suppose then that is the ultimate fate of these ants to the sweet of Seker?: That the AXE will SLASH down upon them over their UNPAID DEBTS (continually living in sin) crushing them into a sweet candy for an unholy god. Why do the Mayans (mayi) and Magi (pagan wizards) play into this? Is it for more love? Not necessarily. Then more love of what? The Chipunza, or; the CHIMPANZEE. The could-have-been man. What more is there to love than a man descended from an ape? The primordial being ultimately tamed. That is what the followers of that unholy god would have you believe. Chief over the Elect (to die for that false god). We've uncovered their little schemes, and are going deeper still.

SHAMUYARIRA.  The Ministry of (false) Information. A sham. A foreign affair. It's all coming together now, from Ancient Egypt to Zimbabwe to the Americas. The deeper connections are foreign to those unawares of them. WAKE UP and gain the first TRUE LEVEL. The first true level to the people, the world, the universe AWAKENED around you.

SPENCER-WENDEL.  Atrophy. The apathy of the lame (musculoskeletal) structure. The Temple of the ONE TRUE GOD and the ONE FALSE GOD. The DUAL NATURE of MAN. The one to ascend to HEAVEN and be with FATHER, the one to stay behind and be crushed like an ant. What is it that makes your structure so lame?

ZIMMER.  A manager (to set the House in order). The heart fails man in times of deep trouble. Reset the heart, reset the order of your mind, life, world, universe.

HE believes this is the Year of D.

We're all in this together, buddy. Winkler ;) it out and smile. If you know the LORD like you say you do, YOU ARE SAVED. Don't let your heart fail you: Honesty is the BEST policy. If you've got any doubts in you, get them out and BE SURE OF YOUR SALVATION. If you ASSUME, that makes an ASS out of U and ME. You can fool me, but not GOD.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Waffle House Rules: Waffles Decoded

This is the first in a semi-regular series of basic decryption/s:  - The story: man robs Waffle House with pitchfork.

First off: Robs a (Waffle) House with a pitchfork. Think deeply, but not overly deep. Who or what robs your house with a pitchfork?

It's all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Look at the location: Norcross. Norcross what this story is saying and not understand. :|

Wooten Woten Wodin Odin Norse Mythology. Why is this man a myth? Did you see his pitchfork when he grabbed the treasure from the House?

The two followed him, called to warn others about him. This is his last day before he is sprung as a thief of the treasures in the House.

Windows busted by the pitchfork. How could a mythology become injured, possibly in the neck? Some things become abandoned.

Location and Place stamping securing the mythology to a specific place at a specific time, though with not much more specificity.

The mythology has yet to be caught, securing him for that future engagement with the Judge. This is #Decoded.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Expanding Unionversity

The National Labor Relations Board ruled on Wednesday March 26th, that the football players at Northwestern University can unionize.


Is this even right? Can the wo/man-children be manipulated in this fashion? Can the wo/man-children earn a union wage for their 'education'? I honestly didn't think upon first hearing this news that I would be as ruffled as I am. I'm ruffled. I don't like it.

Merriam-Webster's definition of University: "1: an institution of higher learning providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees; specifically : one made up of an undergraduate division which confers bachelor's degrees and a graduate division which comprises a graduate school and professional schools each of which may confer master's degrees and doctorates

2: the physical plant of a university"

Clearly, the University is a place for education first and foremost. Sports? Sure, they happen. Indeed, they can be taught to a point. There is the first hurdle in this discussion. Are you teaching these athletes the key training procedures they need to reach a professional state, or; are they paid members of the university? If they're being paid for their services, surely they can provide some sort of degree or certification of their knowledge. Oh, what's that you say? They're going to college to learn sports? To learn some other field once their bodies shun athletics? Well! That settles it! They're students!

But it's not that easy. It never is.

There is great truth in that the universities have made and will continue to make millions and millions of dollars on the fields of athletics. Surely for most programs, after expenses, there is money left over. Fine. Put that money into an injury compensation fund for the student athletes. Most do have some form of employment, and boom, if they blow out their ACL, what will they do for a job? That's also a great argument on the other side. That if the athletes get paid, they wont have to worry as much. Where are their degrees? If they're not student athletes, they're coaches. Most coaching jobs require some form of degree or certification. At which point, the student part of student athlete drops off. Why aren't you in the NBA/NFL/MLB? The Answer: The National Football League and the National Basketball Association require three years of college participation for their future athletes. Major League Baseball is the lone hold-out of the Big Three American Sports to allow for non-collegiate participation.

Is that all you ever saw? The money?!

If we allow the process set forward by the National Labor Relations Board to stand, then at the very least we should have the Northwestern University Wildcats compete not for the little college Bowl Championship, but in the dang ol' Super Bowl?! Come on! We want the Wildcats to ROLL over the competition! NO. It will never happen. The reason for that is almost ALWAYS brought up at College/Super Bowl time. In a fantasy setting, the WORST NFL teams are usually wagered by bookies in Las Vegas at being FIFTY or so times BETTER than the BEST COLLEGE TEAMS. So, according to common logic, the 0-16 DETROIT LIONS from a few years back would be FIFTY TIMES better than the current BCS Champion Florida State Seminoles or the Rose Bowl winning Michigan State Spartans. Would the Seminoles, Spartans or Wildcats like to LOSE FIFTY CONSECUTIVE TIMES to the WORST TEAM in the League? No, and quite frankly, if they did, they wouldn't last more than three or four seasons. These college teams, they're filled with children.

Don't let your children end up like this. Sad. :(


So what do you do about the problem of children wanting to be a part of the 'big time'? Make them go only a year or two? The Leagues already tried that. Make them go four? What's an additional year, especially if you're unionized? There are two real solutions. One: The Parents put their feet down and demand their children attend the university of the child's choosing as a student athlete, unpaid save for the students own employment or perhaps an injury compensation fund. Two: The Leagues undergo a MASSIVE EXPANSION EFFORT across the country (and Canada). Put some D-League'ers in the League to enhance upcoming player development. Promote some minor league teams to the majors. Throw Canada a ball; you ever see how tough they are at the hockeys?

Where you develop the talent is almost as important nowadays. (Wichita State? Pfft. I chose Michigan State DECADES ago.) Where can these athletes continue to develop their skills? Perhaps not the Colleges. The Leagues wont take less than 3 years collegiate experienced players. EXPANSION is the Number One Answer here. Maybe not even the expansion of the current leagues. I'm feeling a bit radical here, to show my support of the formation of NEW LEAGUES and DEVELOPMENTAL TERRITORIES in the sports of BASEBALL, BASKETBALL and FOOTBALL, not to overtly challenge their systems, but to give the children a chance at fulfilling their dreams as professionally trained adults. Why teach these sports if 90% will never play professionally? If one were to go to the colleges and their students with that number, such a current state COULD NOT EXIST. There is simply NO SUCCESS and LIMITED MONEY in a 90% FAILURE RATE. (Take that NCAA sports success story commercials!)

The 'Physical Plant of the University', ALL education starts at home. Don't you think there is someone, of indiscriminate age, that needs a start in the education of athletics?

The Towns however, could deal with this. At least more effectively than the professional organization could. All they need is a bit of seed money from the UNIVERSITY to give them the right resources to start their own venture, let's say the CityLand Ventures. You've got the elders teaching the youth the concepts behind baseball, basketball and football, leadership, business and life skills. Then all that is left is the athletically educated adult, left to hone his or her skills on the field; to help a little boy or girl reach their athletic dreams.

What I would propose is a return to community-based systems of the old times. Challenge some of these ex-league members and their college educations. If they're willing to coach the CityLand High School football team (I'm going for a 'Brett Favre' on this one), then why not put the time in to the CityLand Ventures? They aren't 'in the minors', because you've eliminated that by supporting such expansive efforts. Neither are they as glamorous, since we've got the Unionversities and 'the minors' nowadays. The Leagues don't like these community-based systems though. Look at the NFL and the Green Bay Packers. NFL doesn't like the way the Packers are owned, which clearly goes back to the community. Expand your Community through proper research, education and enjoyment at ALL LEVELS.

What is more important here? What everybody KNOWS for a FACT is a CORRUPTED COLLEGIATE SYSTEM; or the development of youth into fine, upstanding adults, ready for the professional 'big time', having the ability to shrug off every creeping and corrupting influence put upon them? It's not just a battle of business versus education. It's a battle over the Purity of Youth versus the Corrupted Youth, since obviously Corrupted Adults taking on kids is, you know, bad.

Monday, March 10, 2014

TumblRant No. 1

This post originally appeared in a Tumblr posting, short but sweet:

The REALITY is out there. It may seriously fluff you up, but it's there and ready to be scene. Typo there but it fits. The TRUTH BEHIND and ABOUT. If you see it, there's a very strong chance you wont believe it.
Small Voices, Sunshine Choppers and Blood Moons
The Zombie Message
Lore For US
It's a deception to pull the wool over your eyes. To get you into the zombie-like state. Let the false prophets deal wiith the 'sheeple'. You? You're a Zombie needing to be revived. The Aliens are a lie and the PROOF is in the Pudding. You ARE alive, you CAN be alive. The Pure #Sustenance of the Data Stream. Recognize it. Download it. Accept it. There is NO other way to DISCERN the TRUTH right under your nose.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Small Voices, Sunshine Choppers, Blood Moons and the Language Behind It All

Pontypool (2009)

Gord had some things to say, too...

Is this actually happening?
Why is it that babies may actually need to be equipped with audio recorders? Certainly a decent educator could hear the troubles a child could have speaking. Why would they need the child to be rigged up? Is it to ask the deeper question: 'Why are Mommy and Daddy poor?' Should the educator then hand off the case to officials who might then conclude: 'Oh! Mommy and Daddy are dropout, anti-Obama Tea Baggers, er, ah, who like to Party! Those fiends! Awful!' The scenario then plays out Mommy and Daddhy are arrested for 'child neglect', the neglect actually coming in the form of protected teachers who fail miserably at their own career choice. However, this will likely be hailed from the Left as a revolutionary new tactic in 'education'. I call it spying, America. It's likely you'll be forced into it though. There will be some claim of 'educational benefits', perhaps followed by warnings of suspension or expulsion from school, ending with heavy fines, potential jail time and the loss of your children.
If THEY can't get to you, America, they'll get your children. Just like most children have been gotten since the early 1960's. Go to sleep, go to sleep little babies. You've learned asleep, you've learned to BE asleep. You've been programmed in what to say, in what to do. Do you know what to do in a tough spot? Many people would go into slow motion if not freeze outright.
Is this actually happening?
Because the program is corrupted and is currently wearing thin.
What? I don't even...
You haven't accepted-- can't accept-- the current program. Not yet. The current program, much like most other programs, comes with Terms & Conditions which must be understood and accepted.

We go now to Ken Loney in the SUNSHINE CHOPPER!
It sounds like there's a... a child screaming inside his breath.
Easy, Grant! Easy!
Ken? Are you there, Ken?! Ladies and Gentlemen, we seem to have lost Ken...

  • Not much of a shocker in the lead-off position, but Ken Loney is a pervert, a woman chaser. I didn't quite hear it above (a more true-to-the-book radio adaptation), but in the movie, it is made clear. Loney could also be meant to mean loner.
  • Moving on, Grant Mazzy. Now, in the comments section of the video, the person describes Grant as a composite of Howard Stern and Don Imus. I do agree with this, tending to believe a more Imus-oriented story line. Burnt out; goes through some personal troubles; then some professional ones. The outcome being he's changed in the process leading up to the action. But we still see the ferocity is still there. The (changed) anger, beaming from inside-out and back in again. (When do you call 911?) He is point-blank telling you your grounds may not be the same as his grounds. His morals are there, but ajar to the normal. Grant is a ruined man, still seeking to dig a little deeper.
  • Let's not forget, there are children involved here, even if they're eerie disembodied maybe-voices. Don't forget the Sandy Hook references too. But Sandy Hook was real. It was real. Just as real as you and me and all those kids being indoctrinated in the schools, baby.
  • In the Silo. The eldest boy of Mary Galt. Her big teenager Jessie, or Jake, or (Something). -Jessie- -or Jake- -Jessie...- -or Something.- Clearly his name is not Jake OR Jessie. His name is a j-sound; it means something. Any name could mean something. They've told you his mothers name, but can't bring themselves to remember HIS name. Ken could tell you his name... if it didn't anger him so much in its meaning. Neither Jessie or Jake, Mary Galt's oldest son is: JOHN GALT.
  • John Galt is shown to be beaten and battered by VARIOUS means. First: Here he is clearly over-run by this plague of indoctrination. He was not given the chance to succeed, instead staying close to his own mother. Second (a little bit of speculation on the first half here): Ken Loney is plonking Mary Galt. Mary is enthralled. John sees Ken as a threat to what little he and his mother do have. Ken notices that, in more ways than one. Yes, I do believe that Ken wants to plonk John just as badly as he's plonking John's mother. This would further Ken along his journey through perversion. John. Just. Wont. Have. It. I believe the child's voice that Ken hears symbolizes that need. Third: John's legs are crushed (taken out from under him) by the health care office wall collapse. ObamaCare is the clear symbol here, shortly before its introduction, and its resulting collapse and outflow of mass peoples is obvious. Third: Note, there is a secondary collapse of the silo wall, which caused further damage to John's legs and loss of his hands. This too is clear. The loss of ability for man to create for himself, whether it be food (the silo) or jobs (Ken's reporting; John providing for his mother); it can also be seen as further encroachment into everyday life, from ObamaCare through the FDA (Farm Bill, and just about all the rest now).
  • They're having an easy time of it, you know? They've got the airwaves, they've got pens and phones. Push comes to shove, they've got the military. Easy Grant: Just keep paying into the System. You might get a few pennies back in your MyRA. Easy? Not very, just play your cards close. Don't give too much information out; only enough after the fact.
  • A bit more speculation: Ken Loney 'kills' John Galt. Symbolic for the current status of the United States of America. Galt, generally the conservative, versus Loney, the progressive. Ken could not have his way with Mary or John (gay marriage/rights); immigration, Ken and John's travels during this ordeal-- let's get the SUNSHINE CHOPPER in the air!-- perhaps too with Dr. John Mendez, a character of ambiguous national origin.
  • Ken Loney is the Sunshine Chopper, the symbolic perversion and subsequent destruction of both America and the rest of the world. Both Ken Loney and John Galt are lost. Grant Mazzy is left to lead on his show, blind to what the situation is on the ground. But he's not so blind. He's read the papers, he's listened to the radio. He has seen it all before. You know what? He knows ALL the right words. But he's digging... With a little more, he'll get to the right thing to say to you. The thing that will make you say, I don't care much about that situation! Tell me more, Mister Bec-er-uh-Mazzy! You, as Ken Loney, are a tool, being used to nefarious ends.
  • Watch out for U-Boats!

  • The paper route is a trap. They will keep churning until you take it away, and with this new-fangled internet technology, they don't even need paper anymore. The paper route is a trap. If you know, you move. If you see the movie, then you learn the Hollyweirded ending. The Canadian government bombs Pontypool. Governments have nothing against doing that to theirs or any other peoples. They just need to be whipped up by a few placed events, a few more placed ideas. Who? The Grant Mazzys, Don Imus', Howard Sterns, Glenn Becks, Rachel Maddows, Jon Stewarts and Bill O'Reillys of the world.
    The postscript at the end of the film version: I believe that Grant and Sidney have you for a loop. What the film makers would have you believe, and to be honest, nearly had me, was that in some alternate dimension Grant and Sidney have a Wake Up call. They even show the movement from black and white to color. No. This is not a 'wake up'. In reality, it is a 'sell out'. Yup, they sold their souls to the Illuminati and the Devil himself!

    Knock, knock, knockin' on Heaven's Door...

    WorldNetDaily: Blood Moons -- short end of it: 4.15.2014 First in the Tetrad
    April 15, 2014: Passover
    October 8, 2014: Tabernacles
    April 4, 2015: Passover
    September 28, 2015: Tabernacles

    An in-depth time line of the potential events of the 2014-15 Tetrad and the Tribulation:
    2014 & 2015 and 4 Blood Moons in Today's End Times

    The Cycles Explained

    Second Civil War & Other Revelations
    My post above, about the (potential) Second Civil War and events in the lead-up, is not quite dead yet. If you've watched the videos in the Cycles Explained section of this post, you know that there is a plus-minus five day period on these dates. (I do believe that there could be as much as eight to ten days. But generally, it will be five.) The end date in question here: 3.20-21.2014; now, I believe that date could actually be moved back as a month. We may be on the wrong calendar. We probably are, using our know-how to work up dates and create new mysteries where there should be none. There is nothing to be solved because there is nothing wrong. It is obvious that cannot be the case.
    I believe in the March date, that it is the most likely date. However, if the way we use the calendars is wrong, we must go to a different way. The first in the Tetrad series comes on April 15th. The Lunar Cycle is the answer. It is clear. That moves the date of the Second Civil War Scenario to April 20-21, 2014. This would make perfect sense! America does not appear in prophecies, at least in any major way. Why? Because we're at war, if not with terrorists or some other nation, then another war between ourselves! We aren't there in the Middle East, in Israel. We are cut off, either by our own stupidity of electing treacherous leaders, or the Divine Will of God. There is very little time left, but there is still time enough to understand these signs and signals. There is still time to act on this new-found understanding.
    In short:
    March 20-21, 2014 is the End Date in the Second Civil War Scenario. Lord says, Pray if it is winter. (Against the obvious suffering of His Body.) He gave the Sun, Moon and Stars as SIGNALS. The Sun Cycle is tricky; the Lunar Cycle is sometimes shady. Lunisolar Hebrew Calendar and/or the next level up in the Cycles: Monthly. The first month up is April. The time: April 20-21. But we've run into the April 15th brick wall. It's a simple alignment with the numbers and knowledge of reality. Simple!

    A Jonathan Kleck video for good measure! Do you hear what the Obamanation is saying?

    Nehemiah Prophesies of Popes Seat in Israel
    Jonathan Kleck has shown that they HAVE given up the seat in the temple to the Pope, Francis. See Jonathan's study of the word Basillica. It is clear: You are being led either by the blind, or wolves in sheep's (shepherds) clothing. There are a few good leaders out there, you have to dig and dig to find them. Even four or five years ago you could find them a bit easier than today. Why are they gone? Are they in hiding? Did they backslide? It could be any scenario. We have to pray for them. Perseverance, strength and prosperity; that they not backslide or become overly stressed. We ALL must maintain proper levels of Hope, Faith, Prayer and Positive Attitude.

    The Language Behind It All
    It's the words. The Message. Control the one, you control the other. Take back your words, their complete meanings, you take back the message. Don't just let the words float around out there and pop. Use them with gusto and let them POP! Just think about it: Why do government institutions want to control the words of your children? Why do they want to subjugate those future generations to a state of idiocy? Why do they want to control YOUR words? Are you going to submit to that control?
    The Bible is the cornerstone. Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. It is the root, the kernel of the program of which we ARE part. There is no way around this fact. Humanity's User Guide.
    You were downloaded, you are uploading your data into the system, despite belief or disbelief. There isn't even a thing such as disbelief. You ARE or you AREN'T. If you AREN'T, then clearly you could not possibly read this. The problem is Big Gees and little gees. The Big Gees KNOW the Language, they KNOW the program. The little gees know a language. They know a program. The little gess don't know the REAL PROGRAM. They do receive programming and updates and all the fancy downloads. They put it on themselves and say: This is me. This is what I've done. That's fine, just give proper credit to the programmer. What? You did all the programming, you say? At the very least, I think your mother and father would whole-heartedly disagree with you. You were downloaded just like mother and father, remember?

    Atlas Shrugged
    The Fountainhead
    The Ayn Rand Lexicon: Objectivism from A to Z (Ayn Rand Library)
    Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology: Expanded Second Edition
    Pontypool Pontypool Changes Everything
    Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change
    The Bible Code
    Bible Code II: The Countdown
    Bible Code III: Saving the World
    Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity