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Thursday, March 27, 2008

EiB #2

This EiB blog is dedicated to ActivityPit'ers Stefan and RAHUVA. Without them, EiB #1 & 2 wouldn't be possible. Thank you.
Original blog: Stefan-- 3.27.08
It doesn't matter whether or not Barrack was in a video or not. He attended that church for twenty years. The pastor was over the church for almost the same time. He could have left twenty years ago, when he was just a young person had he not believed in what he heard. Yes, he must have some sort of belief at that level to have lived with it for so long. Anti-America, Conspiracy theory, Racism and the list goes on and on. That's what we're fighting in this case and really, what Obama stands for-- the working apathy, if you will, of a large demographic of voters; not black, not white, not latino or any other race/nationality-- and Obama's reliance on that form apathy to win the election.
Working apathy or is it working hypnotism? As in, Barrack Obama could become the first African-American president (similarly too with Hilary Clinton the first female president). Americans and the Democratic party have become too involved in this campaign, and the after-effects are going to be around even long after I'm dead and buried. They're almost politically suicidal now to a point. That apathy or hypnotism drives them forward; the only thing they know what they want is no more George W. Apathy or hypnotism. Bush/Gore made certain Americans more apathetic to political causes. H. Clinton/Obama is driving them to a point of hypnosis.Believe what I tell you or die. We hear that Democratic, Republican or Independent. Hope is Obama's message. Hope against a terrorizing new world which he will lead blindly into. Who needs protection when Obama has hope: Hope that terrorists wont terrorize us? Hope that with magic fairy dust people can marry whomever/whatever they want? Hope that with the Oracle of Omaha's help no American will go financially stagnant? Where is Barrack Obama's Hope in this new world?
Certainly not with a corrupted pastor leading what is most likely a tainted flock. The blind leading the blind leading the blind. Certainly not what America needs, but what Obama gives. What is it that Obama, Clinton or McCain could give? McCain would give us four more years of stagnation and hell. (Yes, that's what it's like living in America now. Hell, right in our own backyards.) Clinton and Obama give their hopes and dreams to us. Not give, no. They force it to us, McCain too, not to leave him out. They force their wills upon us. They put us under their thumbs. A scientist in Colorado has patented/trademarked the human genome/dna sequence under a bipartisan deal in congress. That is to say, he owns humanity. They make us their slaves, McCain, Clinton and Obama. That's what they've come to expect from their holdings. Be proud of the ones you so blindly support.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

EiB #1

RAHUVA Blog-- 3.25.08
This started as a comment, but I moved it over to my blog instead-
I agree with much of what is said about those types of blogs. I would point to Spiffy's comment on the other types of blogs. Many of those types get trampled under by the hate/emo/high-political-tension blogs. The real focus of humanity is lost in the multitudes of those three types of blogs, and in the reading of them. The real focus of humanity is in three principles:



the Pursuit of Happiness

Life blogs are one type that is specifically pointed out. It truly is those personal, life-changing experiences that season the blog (and blogger for obvious reasons).
There aren't any blogs pertaining to Liberty (maybe centrist/populist politico's) or the Pursuit of Happiness (perhaps mingling amongst the life blogs).
Myself, I don't read many blogs. I stay away from the political blogs because they're way too left or way too right even with the humorous satire. I stay away from hate blogs. I'm not a hateful person. Canadians, the French and French-Canadians sap away my hate.
When I write a blog post, I try to have IMPACT Pseudonymous Writing Blog in the writing; the goal isn't to cause controversy-- it isn't humanities goal either, in my opinion-- but to show a different path one can take. Frankly, the path we're on is well off the beaten trail-- and there might not be a path at all. The reading and writng of relevant blogs that have that strong IMPACT to change one's life and bring KNOWLEDGE to the reader/writer is one of the great issues of the time.
Motivation(?) is another thing, and one of the minor points where I disagree with RAHUVA. Sure, IMPACT is sought, but it's the way the IMPACT is achieved. YouTube user: AtheneWins Athene, he is IMPACTing the YouTube community, bringing up issues that are not only important to himself, but also to those of his subscribers. They are all relevant issues as well. But it's how. Nearly all his videos are titled with PORN somehow placed in the title. This brings about controversy the same way titling a blog post 'Controversy' does. And there certainly was even minimal controversy in RAHUVA's post, in not mentioning most other types of blogs.

Controversy is not IMPACT

Porn is not IMPACT

I have no issue with RAHUVA's wanting of IMPACT. I /did/ read the next to last sentence, and my response can be seen. In the end RAHUVA has IMPACTed me-- to respond in such manner to the issues-- and I hope he has IMPACTed his readers as well.