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Saturday, September 10, 2011

EIB Update: Egypt and Middle East Tensions 9.10.2011

It seems the Israeli embassy was invaded and ransacked by a mob of anti-Israeli's. This should not be surprising. More information soon to come. - Israel on Alert... - Embassy staff leave Egypt... - Israel Embassy overrun...

Israel is being played into isolationist mode, on all sides, including the United States and Barack Obama. The continued violence, due to deaths of several Egyptian border patrol guards at Gaza, will put Israel in a hands-off position in the short term events there. This, with the threat of airstrikes to prevent a nuclear Iran, will make it seem to United Nations member States, that there just might be a need for a separate Palestinian State. Israel will oppose it, harshly, but who or what would stop the Palestinian State tsunami from happening, if the United States and President Obama say: 'We refuse to support you, Israel. There's too much hate coming from Tel Aviv. Stop this madness Prime Minister Netanyahu! Stop this madness Israel!' The likelihood of our own embassies coming under attack is increased, as is those of our allies.


With the upcoming Palestinian vote, resignation of the current government in Egypt, the next few months will be interesting. As the the Arab Spring has gone from Summer and is entering into Fall, let's take a quick look at a few scenarios:

Syria, sensing Israeli weakness in line withe the new Palestinian State, invades. After bumbling operations against its own protesters and Israel, the government collapses. Syria is thrown into a brief, yet bloody civil war. An 'Arab League' of Jordan, Turkey and Iraq pledge military support to Syria's rebel faction, quickly cleaning up thereafter.

The Fall riots spread to the West Bank and Gaza after approval/disapproval of Palestinian Statehood. This further increases tension between Israel and what allies it does have, while also having the same effect on its' neighbors. Several states, sensing weakness, invade/engage in skirmishes with the Israeli Defense Force.

Continued troubles in the Arabian Peninsula. Small states like Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait are troubled, but remain intact for the most part. Yemen, Oman and the United Arab Emirates go through their own troubles. Oman and the UAE get through it beaten and bruised, yet still standing. Yemen falls, gaining a government that is heavily backed and influenced by terrorists.

Continued harsh economic/political maneuvering between Iran, Pakistan and India. All three have managed to keep it mostly between themselves, up until a few weeks into the Arab Winter/Spring (entering year 2). A new opponent (Iran) and a new sense of nuclear fear enter into this volatile cold war.


(A more thorough Scenario post could be requested via comments.)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rick Perry, the Media and GOD

I'm concerned about media coverage of Rick Perry. Making him look to be a Messiah, due to the fact that he was at some prayer conference or another. He is not the Republican Messiah. Sure, Texas is doing ok in the economics field. I can't say for sure about the religious field, but it looks good. Did Rick Perry do this? George Bush? It's the people of Texas.

The Media has tried to make Rick Perry a savior, in more than just the economic sense. People have to have the knowledge and power to say to themselves and others: hey, that's wrong! We can't just believe what the media says about our politicians. That's how we got Obama/Biden vs McCain/Palin.

Media, Facebook included, is starting to control peoples lives more and more. What do you believe? Anything this site or that tells you? What truth do you see? Anything that's posted to twitpic or flickr? I believe as a separate organization, the media as we know it now is a stupid and dare I say retarded thing. But as a complete organization, it's a racket, getting people to think one way or the other.

Almost like, oh wow, GOOD versus EVIL. One side says that the other must be evil, worse than Hitler! Look at what they're saying. The other is evil, the other is evil! What are they saying? Nothing. They're mindless idiots that believe too many lies. People know this. That's why you hear the term 'waking up' so often. People are waking up to a truth that goes far beyond themselves.

It starts here and spreads like butter across the nation, across the pond, across the world. But there are some to discourage and block and vilify. They are meant to build and destroy what they make, over and over. The media is just an arm, crushing people down. But, its not the arm that crushes, its the mind. It tells the arm what to do. Tells it that so and so is evil; and so and so is good.

That Rick Perry is some form of Messiah. This is what you should believe. We know. We don't ever lie. Trust us. Life will be better. Rick Perry is no savior, he is no Messiah. Letting talk of this keep going is a terrible thing. If I was Governor Munn, I would put down any talk IMMEDIATELY of any sort of Messiah name-calling. Its simply not Christian. Thus, the true, motivation is partly revealed. As Christians, we have to keep a watch for these signs, keep an eye out for false Messiahs and Anti-Christs. Calling Rick Perry the Messiah should be a HUGE RED FLAG for Christian AND non-Christian alike.

The Media is telling you this! Rick Perry does nothing to quell this speech! He's laying in the same bed! What prayers he says may as well be prayers to SATAN and a QUICK DEATH. The Media is telling you to bend your knee to SATAN! If not SATAN, then some nigh unimaginable evil done to ones own self. Any bodily fears in you? THEY'VE GOT THAT. The first affected would be the far left, moving further and further to the center, from there going further right still. The punishment is that fear, over and over and over, the handful of things terrible in your life. Over and over and over. Think beyond that, think beyond now. Think beyond different. Think beyond your own knowledge. What do you find there? Not a what, but a who. God. He has already sent a Messiah, some are just too ignorant to realize that.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

From the Wordpress Site: A Reply to AiPolitics.Me Concerning Egypt

@AiPolitics Drawing me away from my own #redeye protest. Okay, I guess…

You want to know all about the process. That’s a little tough. Since, one, #Egypt is a Parliamentary system. I don’t know if the system of getting your name on the ballot is the same. Two, Egypt is still run in their smoky back rooms by the Military. Any contender would benefit from Military support.

Who is going to be put up? El Baradei for one. The protesters back him. POTUS/US would be willing to back him. But the Muslim Brotherhood backs him too. Who does the Muslim Brotherhood back? Hamas, Hezbollah– the list is as long as my arm, and even longer. This, to me, represents short term stability, long term problems. Give terrorists/front organizations an inch, and they’ll take a mile more. Its proven just about everywhere.

The VP Suleiman on the other. The Military is likely to throw their support to Suleiman. POTUS, not so much (2012), US they probably would support him and the new government over time, given that they (Suleiman/Military) show steps toward reform. The Military is Suleiman’s main backer. The Military has said they wont shoot in this current matter. But what if the matter changes? What if either Suleiman is elected or the Military refuses to acknowledge El Baradei’s win? Then it is the Default Choice of the Egyptian Military. Their man Suleiman is already in. Huge crackdowns on protesters. Yeah, you know how it goes.

Egypt right now seems to be the autonomous govt. (Mubarak/Suleiman), the military and El Baradei. Every government struggles to separate the actual government and military, right-and-left of center political parties, etc. Being an Egyptian right now is tough. You have these strong Nationalist Sentiments rising up in you right now. You want change, you want the rioting to stop. You want Change. Elections are around the corner. The Status Quo cannot continue, but there’s always the threat of there being no more Status Quo. What to do? What to do?

Many non-American countries trend towards Socialism. I have no doubt that the average Egyptian would vote for Change. Mohammed El Baradei would be voted as the next President. Would he get Military backing? It’s possible, but only with strong international support. With POTUS, Egypt seems to be a no-no topic. However, with this Change, I can see him talking it up; as a Victory not only for Egypt, but also for himself.

Egypt, I believe, is looking at some very difficult times ahead. I just hope and pray that no other country is pulled into the mess.

From the Wordpress Site: A Reply to Security Concerns

Don’t worry, it’s been posted publicly:

@Doctor_Rock @Beregond @andylevy Gosh crapper! All this after I log out! I RT’d the whole deal knowing that #Obama Job Loss has become the normal, rather than the abnormal during his administration.

I live in Michigan. I want job creation. Michigan has been in recession now 11-12 years. Auto industry near-failures, the tech bubble burst, etc, etc. Things are looking better for the auto industry. GM has 750 jobs going to Flint, expansion of Lansing’s Grand River plant, heck, even Toyota opening a test facility in Metro Detroit.

Locally, our tech companies seem to be in a mini revival. One of the largest local ISP’s is now hiring, as are several local phone companies.I don’t know how disk space came into the conversation, but disk space equals the need for sysadmins, network security types and other techies. This equals job creation. Jobs, that’s what I’m after.

Apparently, something @andylevy wrote stirred @Beregond’s response, which was RT’d by myself, which seems to have brought a reply (and further conversation) from @Doctor_Rock, which transformed into an Jobs/IT Jobs vs. Security/IT Security issue.Which has drawn itself into more a mystery than I initially had RT’d. I don’t know why or how these things happen without me.However, I do believe you can’t sacrifice security for even a million jobs, no matter how great a million jobs sounds. Nothing can beat a secure network or feeling, except a talented hacker or a terrifying terrorist. Even then, what does that say about us? That we sat back in our (tenuously)secure situations and got lazy?; that we could barely lift a finger to click on that secure link, just because it’s a little further for us to move and click the mouse?; that we couldn’t keep up with a near-unseen enemy, and read up on their terrifying tactics, so that we might even build up a minimal anti-terrorist mindset and strategy for ourselves? Should we create the job of Chief Mouse Mover and Clicker because we are too lazy? Should we put up our entire security to a government who can’t find Bin Laden, who has been living in a cave in tiny Waziristan for the last decade?; that can’t properly protect its Congressmen an women?Security and Jobs are just two parts to the whole that we have to build, for ourselves, both properly and legally. Without both, working hand in hand, we stand on incredibly shaky ground. We can’t build Success, American, Australian or what have you, on shaky ground. A Firm Base to build upon. A Firm Stance to move forward.

Emergency Edit:

Digging deeper into this mystery:

So it’s more a data retention issue then?

If ISP’s could just agree on an industry-wide standard and quit worrying how what the other does affects their business/makes them look like tool.s, etc. then this issue could be avoided all together. Quit worrying about the $$$ Evil Corporations, quit worrying what the Evil Government will do to either take your Evilly Begotten $$$ away or squash you like an Evilly Conceived Bug.

Which of the Lesser Evils will do the right thing? I’m afraid to see the outcome.

‘Amish’ Tim Munn