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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

EiB tidbit 3.4.2009

I'm thinking about making an attempt at actual politics. This would be my short-term goal. Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero has polarized the city-- my hometown-- in much the same way as George W. Bush polarized the United States, without the making of any actual war.

This however, came very close. I may not agree with Bernero and certain members of the Council, but it would be devastating to see any of them assassinated. That's a small reason as to why I'm thinking about running. I don't want to see people being mowed under by a barrage of bullets or terrible, stupid and polarizing laws.

Always fighting and bickering over the smallest things; always fighting and bickering over how to screw over the people of Lansing. This is the way the City of Lansing works. This is the way Mayor Virg Bernero works.

What are we going to do then? We've gotten our Barack elected. We haven't elected our Amish yet. Hey, I don't even have to run for Mayor; there are several seats in Council up for grabs. That is if I decide on this or not. There are certain factors involved yes. One being:

Another being I'm actually Amish:

Amish Lite to be more exact. Anyways, I think there'll be more to come after your comments and suggestions. Time for me to get off my soapbox for a bit.