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Monday, November 9, 2015

From an Unknown Universe: The Second Battle of Los Angeles

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Several of these phenomena the last several years. Some were attributed to rocket testing, as was this instance. Some were attributed to the northern lights. A few have gone completely unexplained. Such a wide-ranging area, bay area and la area. Testing a rocket over water would be safer than over those urban areas; but why not test it in the test ranges in the desert? There are areas inland designed for this type of stuff. To lessen the human impact of a failure in the rocket. It doesn't make too much sense to test something in a public display that could still be technically marked 'top secret.'

Is it the northern lights?; are they reflecting off the rocket fuel?; are they reflecting off the protons, electrons, neutrons and all the other particles of an unknown universe? Do you know what you think you know? A rocket that went bad. A light that went bad. A nothing that went bad. We don't actually live in the Twilight Zone, but these things are happening all around us, all the time. The FAA knew something was up when they grounded the flights. The Military is in 'it was all a test' mode. From what I've been able to gather, they were as flipped out over it as the FAA. They're lying otherwise. Unexplained Phenomena from an Unknown Universe. Only certain people should have certain answers and have the ability to lie to you and say: It was all a test. We know what is best for you. Believe us.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Debate Debacle

From the Depths of Facebook:

Either side of the Debate Debacle you're on, it still doesn't account for a few questions, or why Ted Cruz was given the HAND several times, or why Megyn Kelly mocked GOD then went right away to Cruz, who aside from Huckabee, has one of the more spiritual/religious backgrounds of those who were on the dais.

I'm not for Trump, but neither am I for the Trump bashing. YOU may be just as bad as Trump, calling him your silly names. Who should stoop to the levels of kidism and call names? Is your name in the Top Ten? Are you jealous that someone IS NOT smearing your name, depriving you of the kidism name-calling techniques you should probably forget about? Trump IS good at that sort of thing, he doesn't seem to deny it. The Rosie bit from a while back, which most of you jumped on (I include myself in that list); this spat with Megyn.

Jerkism should be met with a Proper Defense. A Defense against Jerks. This may mean that you jerk the jerks around. Use their own techniques against them. One hit was met with another.

Who can you blame? If not Trump, then Kelly, If not Kelly, then God. As shown, there are numerous biblical references to the issues of blood. Among current events/scientific references, there could be the Ebola Outbreak, or the recent outbreaks of plague in Colorado and California. As SEEN, Kelly DID mock GOD. THERE is an issue I have with the debate. The open mockery of God. Maybe those who really study and understand these various issues put together the blood remarks earlier in the debate with the mocking of God. Are the differences between man and woman Trump's fault? If not Trump, then God? My real beef is with Megyn Kelly's attitude towards Ted Cruz, totally jerking him around by not letting him respond and the mockery of God, pointed towards him. Twenty-three percent of Trump supporters would agree with him, clearly. Are you paying attention to the issues of Ted Cruz and God? Is it really a coincidence that these two issues are biblical? Can you risk it if they are? Are you a jerk if they're not, or just dumb? (Riding the Social Justice bandwagon into the sunset.)

Monday, August 3, 2015

I Tweet for the SALVATION of Noob's SOULS

.@ICHOR_Fanboy - @amish_man Bruh im sry I cant take you seriously with your name and all and your cousin has harrased my friends and i on all social media - @amish_man @ProGrizzly i can take you seriously now man i just read that your wise bet on your years also i didn't post that a kid named.... - @amish_man @ProGrizzly jake did he got on my buds account and acre like me i didn't want him to take the blame that's why i said i did it

One minute you can't take the post from myself seriously and then one minute later you can? Where is your professionalism ray b talked about having? This is why I cannot take you seriously youth! My friend BS is old, older than myself. Older than old. Excuses are old. It's coming from YOUR ACCOUNT; was it you who wrote the 'apology'?, or was it Jake from State Farm? Professionalism is seemingly a concept a youth such as yourself cannot grasp. EFFECTIVELY PASSWORD all your accounts. Don't let your dumb friends use your technology which, as we have seen, is only making you look dumb. DON'T DO IT! I am helping you, youth! If only we had a Don't Be a Dumb Kid instead of DARE! PROFESSIONALISM. I can't take you seriously unless you do a few things: Protect those passwords; say fluff off to your dumb friends and get with the smart (and likely to be) professional kidzzz; man up and don't make excuses. Don't go tweeting dumb crap like that. I wouldn't give you two seconds if I were looking to sponsor you once I saw that. The sponsors SHOULD be vetting whom they choose to sponsor, and weed out the dumb kidzzz from the professional kidzzz. These tweets ARE NOT A GAME. There are NO GAMES OUT HERE, ONLY REALITY. You can't play games forever, you WILL REALIZE that, like Grizzly has been realizing. Be professional. You and the ray guy started this whole thing when you left EPG. I can't get after you about that, that was your own choice. The stupid choice was all this hate that's erupted since. You and ray guy didnt have to make a diss video on Grizzly. You could have went the 'professional' route like ray guy claimed and leave it at that. Ray guy did it and YOU are letting it keep going. Break it off! Delete them, block them if you don't really want to be part of their organization! You KEEP GOING BACK. MOVE FORWARD. Move ON from dumb kidzzz organizations EPG AND ICHOR (they're ALL just friends lists anyways, sorry ray guy). I don't really give a fluff what goes on in EPG or any other dumb kidzzz 'organization' - its the fluff that manages it's way out there that does involve me. Someone from the incredibly 'professional' 'organization' (ray guy and jake from state farm) managed to try and lay the smack down on Grizzly's folks and myself, the cousinry mentioned earlier. They can think up some negative things to say about dumb kidism, as I'm sure they have. You have seen my tweets, what do they say? DON'T. BE. A. DUMB. KID. These tweets may not be so professional, but I feel that I must stoop to the levels of 14 year old kidism to communicate these things to you. You did not understand the 'I want you to succeed, but not this way' sentence. I thought it was a good sentence. What was gotten from those few words? Jake from State Farm. DUMB KID ALERT THIS FANBOY AND/OR JAKE RIGHT HERE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED. I must say this as respectfully as I can, you MUST BELIEVE IT. I speak for myself only, not Grizzly or anyone else. DELETE IT ALL, FANBOY JAKE FROM STATE FARM. Put your head in A BOOK. Do you know what those are? GO OUTSIDE. LEARN ABOUT WHAT IS AROUND YOU. SELL YOUR 'PRECIOUS' VIDEO GAMES. You WILL make it, BUT NOT THIS WAY. STOP BEING HATEFUL. Tell your friends from State Farm to stop being hateful. Make the Bible one of your top five books to read. ACCEPT JESUS INTO YOUR LIFE. You will not make it this way. Stupidity is in a slow, but steady downturn. IT WILL SOON BE EXTINCT. Will you go hand in hand with it? I hope not.

Your Friend

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Tweet for the Well-Being of Noobs

.@ICHOR_Fanboy Check with your fellow 'co-owner' and his rt's. I AM part of the @progrizzly cousinry, there is NO ACCEPTABLE APOLOGY for that kind of scumbag talk. If you, the other dude (ray b or whatever) or grizzly are so butthurt over dislikes, you clearly should not be in the business of youtube videos, or any other such life choice which could garner such criticisms. (I'm thinking that's most stuff humans do.) The ray dude's noobism wasn't so bad that it actually allowed him to vaguely get what I was saying to him. I don't know if you could. I am hurt by your actions of extreme stupidity. It is an EXTREMELY RARE OCCASION I have been hurt like this. I have no other way to counter your stupid words except to write this and tell you to check your stupid, ignorant words at the door. Turn yourself around noob. Maybe you'll get somewhere in life instead of being a hateful loser. I want you and ray b and grizzly to succeed in life. I'm telling you now, you can't do it like this. Maybe the ray b dude, maybe grizzly. Not you dude. I've only read that comment and seen (once again *sigh*) the back and forth hate video documenting the dislikes. I don't need to hear or see any more from this section of "ichor" to know that no good will come from that end. Turn it around kid, maybe you will go somewhere in life. I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED, BUT NOT LIKE THIS. I will proceed to dislike the hate videos and whatever other videos I choose. Do not get butthurt. This is America, we want you to succeed, BUT NOT LIKE THIS.

Your Friend,

Monday, February 9, 2015

Reddit Rant 1: I'm (not) Reddit - The Revised and Expanded Edition

Hello the Reddit. I've been on here nearly a year. I created this 'subreddit' to post some stuff up here. I haven't gotten it badly, at least since the tumblr incident, why are you posting here? Why are you even on Reddit? I've heard good things about the Reddit. I've heard the bad things too. Reddit isn't 'free', not if things can be downvoted into oblivion, or banned for posting content 100% RELEVANT TO THE SUBREDDIT. You aren't really allowed to post your own content. Is this Reddit Democracy? Reddit can't be democracy, unless you're an idiot. (Look it up.) Reddit is more... socialism? Communism? Some ism that isn't good. A collective. A redistribution. That's probably more along the lines of Redditism-Socialism. Rebranded as 'democracy' for the young and/or inept. I want Reddit to work for those that want to use it, myself included. I have intense levels of HFPPA that it can work. I just wish it would have less socialism/-istic robots...

A redistribution of the tools at your disposal to create and possibly profit from the media you create in. Whether it be a blog posting or a podcast or a quick informational video, why would any person or group take away your TOOLS with which you CREATE? Why would they hoard those tools for themselves? 'Me and my cronies know what's best for you. Any more and we'll give you what for!' Do the everyday 'redditors' have your backs? Do they even have their own?

Maybe Reddit is Communists, they can hoard just as easy as they can redistribute. Are their systems for 'easy integration for US or THEM?; for those young and useful idiots that just don't know any better; for the Communist and Socialist Systems easier use and abuse of the United States and its FREE MARKETS. Feed them the 'dumb and uneducated'; how much money are they making off of you? Advertisements? Clicks? Visits to Reddit?

I've got the reddits (why did you/didnt you bother to edit your post) the twitters the tumblrs the facebooks. they mostly do the same thing. youtube and liveleak (it was video on liveleak that I finally
decided to join reddit, around the same time I joined LL I believe). I have no videos there, only a few on yt. I don't have to, yet I feel compelled to post this tiny reddit rant here. I do believe in the reddit/socialism connection. Maybe I just want people here to know I'm people too. I've got something to share.

Something more to share. Knowledge wants to be free, so why put a few extra limitations on it, the Reddits? Are you scared that CAPITALISM and the OPEN MARKET might rear up on you and stamp you out, realizing the nature of what they see before themselves? The Reddits, are you scared some 'redditors' may decide to JOURNEY FOR KNOWLEDGE outside your CONTROL? Of course you are, that's the LOVE of the OPEN MARKET, the LOVE OF KNOWLEDGE calling. Could you put this in /r/TodayILearned and 'get away with it'? No. It would be thoroughly bashed upon arrival. Where can you legitimately share TRUE KNOWLEDGE OPENLY without fear of suppression? Is Reddit so 'free'?

We're ALL WITHIN these SYSTEMS, I realize that and hope you do as well. We're using these systems and pushing back against them at the same time. Really, we're experimenting to find our own systems, perhaps to build a better and TRULY FREE SYSTEM. 'Corporate Entities' cannot promote these systems, only to promote your wasting away into a stupefied oblivion.

From 3.6.2015
From /R/TodayILearned /User/MXBQ:
TIL the first time Reddit was mentioned in the New York Times, it was described as "foolish collectivism" that "grinds away the Web's edges and saps it of its humanity". (June 10, 2006)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Suddenly Knowledge


SUDDENLY KNOWLEDGE, Observations from the 1954 Frank Sinatra film as it was live-tweeted @amish_man, with added commentary. (84 tweets in 75 minutes.)

Three #suddenly's and you're out!

uh huh ;) ;) #suddenly

#Suddenly For Sale by Owner to a good home.
I think this was Pinch, the kid in the film. He doesn't know it, but he's already been sold off. Did his mother know? Of course not! It was early enough, maybe she just didn't understand the system that had grown into place from the 1930's onwards, the School-Slavery System. It should be obvious, that system provides 'educated' individuals to spread its plague of idiocy across America and the World. Is it education when the child cannot tell you the capital city of the state in which they live?; or the governor of that state?; or even recognize the boundaries of their state? These 'educated' individuals who will go around thinking and saying, 'I KNOW how to live! I learned EVERYTHING I need to know in high school. Then I went to a decent college; it wasn't my first or second choice, but it did me just fine. A nice job, a home in the suburbs. Yup, just a humdrum life, day in, day out.' But they don't really know. They may soon realize that they are living in a false reality.

beep beep pinch ya paper #suddenly

#suddenly we're in caNADA :(
Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Nothing-ism. I performed a Googlism: Nadaism is a Colombian literary movement which professes to believe in nothing. The tweet claims to be from Canada (as if...), but this movement, this literary movement, this educational movement of what claims to be nothing... Clearly born out of Socialist European educational systems of the 1920's and 30's; several prominent educational theories and a few more proven, being tested and used on our youth having been developed in Nazi Germany, a few more from Leninist Russia. 'What's that you're teaching my child?' 'Oh, nothing you should worry yourself over, just the Common Core of Socialism.' What the what-?! If these facts were widely known, there would no doubt be an exodus from the public schools.

wanna go break the fourth wall? #suddenly
Any fourth wall-breaking reference is epic. It's even more epic when you break through the walls of TRUE KNOWLEDGE and education. When you come into a REALM OF NEW UNDERSTANDING of EVERYTHING around yourself. You are breaking down the four walls of that everyday humdrum life and moving on to the NEXT LEVEL.

sheriff pinch #suddenly
Indeed, there are some out there that will try to drag you down. Not necessarily within law enforcement, but they are there too. Most likely they are certain of your family and friends. Sometimes they don't mean to drag you down, as they just need to advance to your newly acquired level. Other times...

#suddenly they let women drive...
It was bound to happen...

#suddenly major tom's a pedo

#suddenly people are hitler to pinch's mom. that or pedo's
Are people Hitler towards you? Did you pray for them? Did you forgive them? (Clearly they aren't really Hitler, you know?)

I #suddenly have the urge to get out of suddenly
Yeah, they'll make you wish you weren't on this path of KNOWLEDGE, this path to POWER LEVELING, this path towards a RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD. Yeah, there'll be situations thrown at you that will induce the same feeling. You will backslide. You ARE human. I will forgive you if you go off the path for a while. THE LORD WILL FORGIVE YOU if you go off the path for a while. Just be honest with Him when you come back: FULL REPENTANCE (and mean it).

Do you ever feel like you don't know where to go or what to do in life? Yeah. You think you're in charge, but are you really? In this article alone it has already been shown how, through the current educational system, you probably aren't in control of your life. False education into a false life falsely lived. Wouldn't you like to be in charge? To not just say, 'Oh this is my wife/house/dog/kid. But what does it mean?'

durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr #suddenly

What are words? #suddenly
What do hurr and durr mean? Those aren't words, goofus! Seriously, what are words if you don't know how to use them? I don't throw curse words out there so often simply because there are a WIDE variety of useful descriptive words in the English language.

#suddenly I smell a CONSPIRACY

There are codewords in use on both sides. 'Maranatha' which early Christians used as an identifier. There is importance in these words, and the knowledge will come through the studies of symbols and their meanings. We know that codewords have certain meaning. They can be used as a doorway into synchronicity. An example: I was listening to a television program. An exchange was given, where one man told another he did not need a translator or translation of language/medical lingo. During that exchange I was writing the bit under 'What are words?', more specifically 'English language'. A doorway into synchronicity about the English Language. They will lead you through these experiences. But as shown, they can also control you. This is the difference between knowing right and wrong; the REAL TRUTH and the REAL LIES.

Let's take the Obamanation of Desolation on the road... #Suddenly
What more can be said about the Obamanation? Well, there was the 2015 State of the Union speech not long ago. The Obamanation WILL bow out when his term ends and our next President assumes office. However, that DOES NOT remove whatever desolation has blown out onto the roadway in front of us. It could very well be our crumbling infrastructure that rears up and bites us. It could be the escalating situation in Yemen. We don't know. We must persevere through these troubles with HFPPA (Hope, Faith, Prayer, Positive Attitude) at the front and center. Suddenly the road will get very bumpy. Suddenly the road might not be there at all...

Sheriff cant get married to lil pinch... #suddenly he's a pedo again...

Message: We got the GOOD STUFF. #booze #suddenly
Do you know/remember what the good stuff is? Did you get so boozed up on your 'knowledge' trip that you forgot what GOOD you used to have in your life? You can have good things in your life. It's not all booze, partying, women, drugs, etc. CREATE something good, something you can show your friends and family. CREATE something for the LORD, something good for the benefit of others in His Name, spreading His Message. You don't need those other distractions in your life. You want something good for yourself: Start doing it.

Secret Service Agents: All cars go VROOM VROOM. #suddenly
Here is a basic knowledge bit. Much like the above part, you have a sense towards the right path BUILT-IN your very being. You may just float about saying, ohhh I don't know what to do, but somewhere very deep, you've got that sense. You've got the sense and don't want to do a little bit of work in digging it up. The tools used to dig are some pretty basic ones. A shovel, pickaxe, spade, trowel, rake. Maybe you have to move that pile of dirt from one section of the yard to the other. Maybe you'll do it until somebody shares a good word with you; 'Yeah... YEAH! I'm going to do this!' Maybe in that time you were moving the dirt, you decided you wanted to get your physical fitness in order. Maybe you were like, 'I moved dirt around my entire life. I want to make a building. Actually design it and build it with my bare hands.' Maybe in a brief, excitable moment while moving the dirt, you got a splinter and, instead of cursing God's Name, found yourself saying a quick prayer to Him. 'I never really thought about... Him... until I moved all that blasted dirt around! Why, why did it take so long?' Tools can take a while to develop, just like any skill. Some are selected LONG before birth, they might have 'it' appointed to them FOR PURPOSE. Those that have it aren't any higher in the levels than you are, they don't have anything to draw your criticisms or anger. They KNOW GOD, they KNOW JESUS and have for a very long time. They KNOW what the Father and the Son want, but just like everyone else, WE ALL START SOMEWHERE. They might not be able to translate something correctly, just like you've realized you can't translate what you've been taught correctly.

#Suddenly, I was a hipster before hipsters were cool. #hispter38
This is the spread of hipster culture. Expecting an egg and getting a chicken. They think they have it, they think they know it. But WE know they have NOTHING.

youre a grown up girl, now get on my hipster teevee #suddenly

page, pinch, who cares except for sheriff major tom. #suddenly a pedo

surprise! its the #obamanation of desolation! some party, huh? UH HUH :( #suddenly
This party is about to be over. I thoroughly expect SURPRISES to be uncovered in a few years time. THE HORROR.

its important the major sheriff tom pinch lil pinch. the secret serviced is in on this, so its special. #stateboys #suddenly
They're telling you: WE'RE IN ON IT. But the translation sadly is in a Frank Sinatra movie that is 61 years old. 'We' being the Government, not just the United States, but most within the WORLD. Everybody knows the connections Sinatra had, they're probably involved too. (It WILL be shown later on.)

Deputy Slim: I'M CONFUSED MYSELF. #suddenly
Yeah, this happens. Take a step back, a time out, a break, heck take a vacation. The amounts of information can be quite large sometimes. If you are new to the levels, it will seem like a tsunami rushing over you. Remember, if you've done it right, JESUS IS WITH YOU.

plug me in, pinch. see what happens. #suddenly #hipster38

#Hipster38: STOP BEING A WOMAN #suddenly
I've encountered it so much: Woman: 'I love GOD so much! I want to do so much for Him! But... I feel He wants me for ministry purposes. I can only do so much before: I'm asked to rejoin the congregation/take up the matter with my husband/give up because I'm a woman.' You are already chosen for the ministry when the call was made to go to and preach the message of JESUS CHRIST to the world. Counsel should be taken up with the husband and/or those within the Faith and Ministry of Jesus who have knowledge here (many of whom have lost such information in the two millennia since His death and resurrection). A Spiritual Pairing is made, either in the sense of the husband who may lead his own ministry and be an overseer in your ministry, or in the sense of a spiritual father. One that will guide you and be an overseer to your ministry, to show you in the Spiritual the same as your father did when growing up. If the LORD calls you, don't deny Him!

We're the fbi #Hipster38. We're going to pinch lil pinch real special like. #suddenly
Oftentimes I feel horrible that if I were to reveal too much information I would draw attention much the same way Jonathan Kleck did. His videos called out the Shadow Government/Illuminati/Satanic plans to do some terrible things to historical landmarks. They were ABSOLUTELY NOT his own plans. But they weren't about ready to put in motion their plans, so they turned to harassment. I can handle that, but at the same time realize it wouldn't benefit me or any reader or believer of such things much. I'm not the problem. Christians are not the problem. The easily corruptible within the government, those who maintain high levels of secrets in their lives, are the problem. I'm not trying to say all Christians are saints, but more often than not in the long run, they're good people. If I draw attention for what I do reveal, then so be it. I've never participated in anti-government activities nor would I condone such efforts. There is is a time and place for both Christian and American to realize that the end is coming. Christians are realizing that. America? It's obvious we must be prepared for any scenario; escape routes, protective measures, foodstuffs, etc. America's 239th Birthday this year, I hope we can last at least another 239.

We're Pedo-Watch ma'am. Anything suspicious here lately? #suddenly

This is the FBI Territory now. WE WILL PEE ALL OVER EVERYTHING YOU WILL EVER LOVE. #suddenly stinks
The territory is well marked now, as it has been for... how long? Eighty plus years? No one will ever know. It could be 1871, 1913, 2001 or any other number of years. When was the government last for you? Can you put a date up there on the big board? The big board most likely contains every date in the lifespan of the United States of America. How do you deal with this information when you see it and understand? Do you sit back, thinking 'Why did we ever let it get this bad?' Why did our ancestors? Then it starts to set in, that weird, creepy feeling-- sick, repulsed, horrified, stupefied and all the other descriptors you can think about! You didn't do anything, Americans a hundred years ago didn't do anything, nor those of two hundred years ago. Will Americans a hundred or two hundred years from now do any better?

Make sure the back door is locked, TIGHT. #suddenly
The territory is locked up tightly. They want you to SEE IT and KNOW IT. Just like the School-Slavery System, they want to impose the State-Slavery System onto you after that. I do believe they are becoming more open towards people wanting to fight against that system. In the best case scenario, you CAN'T WIN, which in lesser cases, likely means cash payout from you to them. 'Lock it up, pack it up', some are now saying, going deep inside their incredibly safe bunkers well stocked with incredibly safe blankets. I believe that's what they want: Either for some to give up or some to actually stand in their bunkers and fight. You have no chance either way. You can't stand against MOAB's and Bunker Busters. It is possible to secure yourself as safely as possible. Move off-grid, or get as far from it as humanly possible. Some states and localities are making it illegal to do so. Home school your children. (A major benefit of public schooling being the social interactions with friends. Bullying would go away, but the children are like 'Mother. Father. What are friends?') Acquire skills to create your own opportunities. They could prop your family up financially and teach you valuable life lessons in the process.

Sheriff Major Tom, what are your levels of STRANGER DANGER at currently? #suddenly
The levels of STRANGER DANGER are growing more clear by the day. Where are your levels at? Do you even have STRANGER DANGER LEVELS? You may say: "Oh that's not for me and my family in the incredibly humdrum suburbs! Nothing like that EVER HAPPENS here!" Then the one day it happens, you don't just see some crazed psychopath killer frolicking through the burbs, you see the big ones. The tanks busting through your lines of shrubbery. Are your STRANGER DANGER LEVELS on HIGH ALERT yet? It might not be the U.S. Government, no. It might be some fantastical 'RED DAWN'-type scenario being played out in your flower garden!

Sheriff Major Tom is coming for you lil pinch. Better run. #suddenly
Duck and cover makes for easier cleanup. 'We know where you are and the method we told you to take. Just follow our lead and make the cleaning crews lives a little more easier.' If the back door isn't locked up tight, dang, it's looking pretty good right now. Or maybe its the front door. No, maybe a side door. Do you have certain tools? To dig out? Or to dig in? Duck and cover should come naturally. Duck and cover and sneak and peek. Do you have the right tools for survival? It's winter out there right now, do you know how to make and igloo or hollow out a snow cave? Can you build a shelter and raft for the spring thaw? Can you open a can without utensils? Can you start a fire? These are basic skills which you should learn. Again, why do schools not want your children to learn? Why didn't they want YOU to learn?

#Hipster38 was clearly immortal, which would explain the modern plague of hipsterism. #suddenly
Is it cool to maybe look like a lumberjack and not know how to properly chop down a tree? Is it cool to get a tattoo of stupid-looking things? Is it cool to shun materialism yet have ALL the materialistic things? Ask yourself: Am I cool? Can I hang with someone from Iowa or Minnesota or Michigan? Can I hang with professional lumberjacks? Can I hang with someone from outside my own insular hipsteristic neighborhood? I can almost guarantee you the answer is: NOPE. I want to say more, but hipsterism angers me just about as much as the French, Canadians and French-Canadians...

The secret service must be french. #suddenly
:| THE FRENCH. I would have to say I agree with what I wrote. The Secret Service has constantly succumbed to their vices for the past decade-ish, maybe longer. They were once a highly regarded organization-- to protect the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES and his family; to make safe and secure our finances when a financial crime is perpetrated. There are likely still mostly good people there, they need to rise to the forefront, to lead as an example for their colleagues. They probably wouldn't like it if their neighborhoods were policed by the same type of trouble makers.

lil pinch, youre only stating the obvious. they already marked their territory, remember? dont make them go to plan number two #suddenly
What is plan number two, your plan b? Stay home? Move to the mountains? To the middle of nowhere? What is their plan number two? How scary is it if their current plans aren't working? Where is YOUR TERRITORY, those places you believe which are most safe? Are they deep inside your incredibly safe bunker? Was it ever your territory to begin with? The plans for the territory are only as strong as the base upon which they are built. You build and develop to form a pioneering spirit; you build and develop from a pioneering spirit.

Breakfast is the meal of kidnapping pedo communists. #suddenly
Watch it, there might be some that want to kidnap your spirit. They might night believe they can build something themselves, or maybe it boils down to this modern laziness. I can't tell them how to build it up, nor can you. It's something you have to discover on your own. Sure, it could be possible to piggy-back a ways, but sooner or later, you're just going to have to figure things out for yourself. I know that it doesn't hoard the wealth of knowledge, nor does it hoard a users database. Yes, there are BOOKS involved-- a database-- but again, on two different levels completely. This is basic, the ground level. Your knowledge wants you to be free. It can share the information to those searching, those awake, those who aren't zombies. It knows when to spread itself, much the same as it knows when to download an update. This Knowledge leads to Sustenance. A Sustenance of mind, body and spirit. Refreshment, revitalization. A cleansing of not just communists and pedos, but most other negatives. The SPIRIT is STRONG, even in the weakness of its levels. Grow it, don't over-use it early. The Body is part of the Temple: It's yours, but only if you use it for the right purposes.

Hi there. we'll get you straightened up. ;) #suddenly
If you've read this far, I think you're beginning to realize what you need to do. What you need to accept into your life. A POSITIVE INFLUENCE.

there's three of us, only one pinch... O_O #suddenly
There's only one of YOU. The only one that seemingly gets it. The THREE get you, THEY'VE GOT YOU. The Spirit WITHIN YOU, never ending and always seeking the ANSWER. The Son, a dawning of a new day, the sun, the light, the bright idea. Yes, the Answer Man. The Father. He's heard some good things. He's seen the prayers, answered a good deal more. He knows you very well, better than you know yourself. Stand up, grow your spirit. Grow beyond being an everyday man or woman about the world. Grow beyond, BEYOND. A positive influence in all aspects.

America is far too advanced for these pedo kidnapper communists. Everything is steel and iron, not wood and mud. #suddenly
Do you see where I'm going here? Do you see where America is going? We have steel and iron, the industrial age. Elon Musk wants to lead the effort to colonize Mars. We could have synthetic polymers and exotic alloys. The #Obamanation is a spearhead into a wood and mud system of being. Not in any good sense. A total state of desolation. America REALLY IS far too advanced for these pedo kidnapper communists. That's why they need to break us down, dissolve us, digest us. You can't do that with iron and steel. Wood, mud, they are natural components which DO BREAK DOWN. The Three Little Pigs comes to mind here.

subversive child abusers you said you were fbi, not department of education! :( #suddenly
It is a true breakdown when those who were supposed to protect us are doing more harm than good. It must be understood there are still good people within these organizations; it's just the leadership/ leadership style they choose to accept. Those bad apples... are they all child abusers and communists? Probably not. But, why do certain sections of these government organizations need hundreds of thousands of weapons and ammunition? Why do they need military surplus weaponry and vehicles? If they claim guns are bad for you, why would they need them any more than you?

there's cars on the road STOP EM ALL! this man could be an #amishian. this is just sad his choice of communism pedology :( #suddenly
Here is a change-up. You think you're going from the realms of knowhardism into PURE KNOWLEDGE. You might really be going there... but not quite. I wanted to keep this as minimal with pictures and videos as possible, but I just happened across this video:

Ric Flair on one of his favorite quotes of all time, from Nick Bockwinkel.
'For all you eight to five humanoid lifers who can't comprehend who I am...'

It really sounds like something Bobby Heenan could have said. Heck, maybe that's where he learned it, but that's a different story. What I'm going at here are those people that have picked up on this INFORMATION. They're going with it, and that's all good. But they're just a hollow shell. In politics, they might be called DINO's or RINO's. They claim the one thing, but are wolves in sheep's clothing. In politics, we've come to expect such games, concocting such descriptive names. In life, again, a different story. This shouldn't be expected or even allowed to happen. The dude KNOWS the information is GOOD and CORRECT, he just can't fully comprehend it. These people should probably receive a chance to be corrected. You give them a chance, point them in the direction of that knowledge: Books, websites, podcasts. Anything and everything you can think of to give them that correction. If they finally learn, then all is well and fine. If they come up to you afterwards and they still don't understand, you should say, 'Fluff off, dude. Don't bother me.' You've done everything possible towards educating that person. Now, you have to watch out for them ramming you off the road with their cars. Are you ready for a demolition derby? Can you stop them all?

you or her or her or him you or her or her or him you or her or her or him you or her or her or him HOW MANY ARE YOU?! #suddenly
How many people are on your team? How many people are on their team? Can you tell the difference between teams? Clearly there are many people out there, many people that need to WAKE UP to this EXPANDING KNOWLEDGE of REALITY. If any of you think you're awake, you probably aren't FULLY AWAKE. If you think you're asleep: Pinch yourself, you probably are. This problem, at least to me, seems akin to Agent Smith from the film, The Matrix. Anybody can be anyone just doing their thing, going about their normal lives. Then SUDDENLY, they SEE you and/or the KNOWLEDGE. Perhaps something bubbles up within themselves, something they've rarely ever felt. Then that Agent overtakes them. They could possibly later claim that from that moment, it all occurs to them as if it were some kind of dream, a nightmare. As is seen time and time again, that agent is nothing good towards humans. Could it be anything other than nightmare?; not having control over body or emotion? 'I really am doing everything I want to do!' When the smile fades and you are in a quiet spot, is that really what you want to do? Your ultimate purpose? Humdrum. Him Hum. Her Hum. Him Her Hum.

I'll teach you how to use the bathroom, pinch. - Department of Education Pedo #1 #suddenly

Are you acting up? Is your programming defective? Are you acting out? Have you regressed somehow to your rebellious teenage years? It very well could be a combination of these two. One path could lead you to a download for a new, upgraded programming. The maybe to some other lesser version on the program. It might work, it might not: Who knows? Another path could lead you into a rebellious state against one choice or any of them. The programmer that wants you to have a quality of experience, or; the programmer that just doesn't give a crap. The one that implants viruses and malwares into your system. Either way, its coming into the open now. You see the results of the program CLEARLY in your life. You see the happy. You see the sad. This is what YOU are doing, these are YOUR ACTIONS. A butterfly effect into being; one action leads to another; to ENTER into ACTION. You will never just up and change. You could never pop in somewhere and say, 'Here I am, this changed wo/man. Examine me, so that you can see all the positive changes in my life.' It is against the independent nature of the human will. Sometimes it will realize that it needs change to thrive and survive. Sometimes it will break. Do you ever find yourself going through the actions, always seeming to tell yourself, 'I WILL break out of this, if it's the last thing I do!!' Maybe you're scared and think you'd pull a John Wilkes Booth... or maybe not something as bad as that, but terrible nonetheless. Remember, you are only an actor/actress in this play, like has been shown above, you can open up to a higher and positive force to lead you on in the ACTION. I think we've all likely heard the phrase: 'As above, so below.' What if 'below' doesn't mean Hell (or your concept of such a place). What if it meant here, on the Earthly Plain? I can't say for sure that is the case. Maybe we should pray on it?

Pinch, your education is complete. You've graduated to cleanliness. #suddenly
If you believe in TRUE EDUCATION, there is no such term as COMPLETION. This universe is far too infinite; Humans, to our current levels of human understanding, are far too infinite to fully understand. To say, 'We know all there is to know about human and universal conditions. Here's some pills, here's some science. BE HAPPY!' Are you happy with pills? Are you happy knowing there is a crushing expanse of nothingness of space out there ready to squish you? Can you be educated, to be shown that there is another way beyond what you've tried to do yourself? Can you accept the CLEAN CODE of the PROGRAM? Could you accept the COMPLETION that it brings?

###A BASIC Program for Human machine

  1. Live
  2. Find TRUTH
  3. Love My Son.
  4. Live FULLY
  5. Come back to Me.

#Suddenly: A documentary showing us how THEY killed JFK.
THIS. FACT. How could they have known HOW they were going to kill JFK in 1963, just a little over nine years after the release of SUDDENLY? It had to be before the transition from rail to car-car to rail (railroad overpass, NO STOP- this is key) there was no way around it. It was a straight shot (whoops) out of the DANGER ZONE otherwise. To pass through the ZONES into the TRINITY. It was going to happen, if not in Dallas, then somewhere else. But the TRINITY in DALLAS, it was supposed to happen there, if not, there was going to be Hell to Pay. Pass beyond the TRINITY River. Destination: Main Street, Anytown, USA. A broken town, a broken land (Main Street is divided at the River). Trinity, the grove, but that's old news. The PIT Maneuver, take the 3:10 to Yuma. The PIT; it was meant to be you, Dallas. Eastus; East of US; east of us; esau; why did you ever sell out? A Pastor? Yes? No? It really is Anytown, North America. A world/ly problem. (I took a look at the google map of Dallas; did that city's founding fathers even realize?) A hunker in the bunker. They PINCHED someone, a young dude. Look at the film in that light. (Also, look at a very similar film, 1962's THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.) Hipster Grandpa may actually have been a Secret Service operative meant to protect the President. But, being Hollywood Propaganda, you can't have Frank look TOO MUCH like the bad guy, right? You might actually try and make him (the shooter) look like some sort of victim. A gift TO the BURG of Dallas from DAHL. THEIR Generals in exchange for your King; a Private for a General (or five). Do you see how far it can go, even into these modern times? It had to happen during the reign of a Governor of Texas. The Plotting is extensive, the plotting of THEIR PLOTS is expansive. (SUDDENLY KNOWLEDGE)

if we go to plan number two, WE JUST CAN'T PINCH IT OFF! IF WE START, WE. CAN'T. STOP. #suddenly
This is as straight-forward a message as you will ever receive. If you go to your plan two, your plan b, and decide to seek that good KNOWLEDGE and PROGRAM, you can't stop. You can't turn around and say, 'I want out of this trip! I don't wanna go!!' You KNOW and have DOWNLOADED too much to stop now. Where is the willpower that has gotten you this far, the same that keeps you going? You knew where you wanted to go, had a DEFINITE destination, and now you want off? Where would you ever go?

The Department of Education will use your children against you. If they can't be team players, they are useless pieces of meat. #Suddenly :(
Could you ever look at your family knowing that you couldn't be a team player to play and conduct yourself under a certain set of rules? Did you not cry when you said, 'I don't wanna go'? You are not useless nor were you created to ever be useless. Ask yourself: Why would the Department of Education label my children, even myself and possibly my very own parents, as 'useless pieces of meat'? Look at your children. Imagine them as a piece of meat, almost certainly rotted, to be rendered useless. Look at what you would like. Imagine it as a piece of useless rotted meat. Do you see something wrong? Are you hungry? You must be!, look at that drool!

This is how you sit down and shut up. Love, Department of Education #suddenly
I will tell you: DO NOT love your neighbor, they are STRANGER DANGER. DO NOT love your parents, THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION are those who taught you in your ways. DO NOT believe anyone who claims to 'believe for themselves'. THEY ARE CLEVERLY BRAINWASHING YOU! DO NOT believe your 'employer' gave you your job; your job was created by the GOVERNMENT. If we can't create a job for you, we'll raise taxes so you can live on a decent wage from us anyways. What you KNOW and LOVE to the bottom of your very SOUL is ABSOLUTELY WRONG if we, the Department of Education, the Government, did not teach it and give it to you ourselves. We know what is right for YOU, and only we know, only those we sponsor to educate you and your children know. You know absolutely NOTHING. - Love, the Government.

Weakness? The Department of Education taught me well. I have shunned all things good and true. #suddenly
You have SHUNNED all the GOOD and TRUE KNOWLEDGE. You have shunned the good things in life. You have said, I will shun everything my parents have ever told me, all that I will tell my children. What should you tell them if everything you believe in is a lie? Believe in nothingness, the nada-force? Believe in the little g god floating around aimlessly in your mind? The little g government and their department of education? You are as nothing as you are taught; much like forest fires, only YOU can prevent STUPIDITY. The ART of KNOWING NOTHING is terrible, but one in which anybody can excel.

They make the weapons look so real. Yet they aren't... sometimes. Sometimes all you need is a Benedict Arnold, a few words, games. #suddenly
Words. That's what it boils down to; like I wrote above, you get those that seemingly go along with what is put out there. They say and do the right things to a point, but the programming they've accepted is out of sync. They may have become the RINO or that DINO, or worse yet, a BENEDICT ARNOLD. 'It was me. I was on the other team ALL ALONG!' - BA. It may have been jealousy: Greene, Lee and Washington among others receiving ALL the praises resulting in one of the most famous back-stabbings in American History. 'This is an insurmountable battle. I am strongly lacking in the weapons to earn victory.' They made it look so real to you. They captured your heart, your very imagination: They whispered a few sweet NOTHINGS into your ear. Perhaps they sent you to an indoctrination camp. They have such company/government sponsored 'retreats'. 'I want to be so much more than this... but I don't want the trouble.' Trouble is not only a word, but a game. You lead around the three other pieces from home base to safety, the final sanctuary where no other piece can touch you, to send you back home and restart the process. Not only are there LEVELS, but there are systems that seem to be structured similarly to military ranks. There are Real Weapons as we all know. There are Spiritual Weapons. In both instances some are real, others clever fakes and forgeries. Are you so real as to be regarded as a weapon, so dangerous with either thought or action to a select group of individuals? Are you still so divided between your SYSTEMS of THOUGHT that you don't even know which way you could go? Is it all a game?

Sheriff Major Tom knows, he was there. He saw it all go down, just like the Department of Education goons. #suddenly
They saw the WARS, they saw the HORRORS that were produced. First hand, they were broken. They were rebuilt in a way, the Sheriff realizing he could still do good in the face of evil, maybe not so much evil as the WARS, but enough to still be effective. The Goons, they became second-hand seconds to a psychopath pervert. They all realized, that in whatever path they chose, they could start over again. For the goons, it wasn't so easy-- surviving the horrors of war, maybe entry into certain indoctrination camps, moving on only to learn at the very end, they were just pawns anyways. Neither Goon or Sheriff had control over these battles, only knowing enough that they were going to happen. These battles, the troubles, they are GOING TO HAPPEN. None are impervious to them. Maybe you are a THOMAS, you have to SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT. You have to see it, so that it can tear you apart so the rebuilding, the RESTART can begin.

The crowdsource is prophecied here. #suddenly
I remember this very clearly. For the next several minutes, I had so many thoughts of the crowdsource running through my head, I nearly went off on a rant. So close! The crowdsource, I love it and hate it at the same time. Yes, it is EPIC when you can get a bunch of people in on an idea. Completely fresh and original. At the same time I'm thinking, 'No, go home crowdsource. You are unoriginal and cannot come up with your own ideas. Your are an android, a member of the Borg Collective. You have no originality. Wherever you are found will forever be a BLACK HOLE OF KNOWLEDGE.' There is no doubt that the crowdsource CAN align itself and its users with SYNCHRONICITY. There are doubts with those non-synchronous efforts...

One of us. One of us. Gooble, gobble. One of Us. #DepartmentofEducation #suddenly
This is a whole other story completely, yet is it? Are you one of US or one of THEM? Are you spouting the gooble gobble of one side or the other? Are you speaking IN TRUTH? Are you your own PERSON or SLAVE to one SYSTEM or the other? The TRUTH DESTROYS LIES AND LIARS. (FYI: Freaks; Dir. Tod Browning)

The guy is goofy! But Sheriff Major Tom knows goofy too. #suddenly
The Sheriff was there, rebuilt just the same, just a different way. It made us all goofy, this President, this #Obamanation of Desolation. In the movie it is much the same. I've reamed the #Obamanation decently since the days of the 2008 Presidential Election. (Certainly, it could have been ANY PRESIDENT: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42) When, if ever, was anything NOT GOOFY? How are going to re/build so it wont be so goofy?

Department of Education guy speaks the truth about that however. When Presidents Roam the Earth. #Obamanation of Desolation #suddenly
Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Zip. The documents are signed, the i's dotted ans t's crossed. we KNOW: All this will continue, your kids/family, business, towns, counties, states and nations. Take a look at those unfortunate events when a President has passed. Did the United States ever collapse due to incredible turmoils? No. Has our Government ever collapsed due to a transitioning of Presidents otherwise? No. Just a question to ask, I'm not too well read on the subject: Why do we need Continuation of Government documents to be signed before the change-over? It's all going to continue the way we know it now! As has been shown, you CAN change the way it moves forward, in the right way, the right purposes. Don't let these GOONS push you into a corner of 'thinking and learning' you can't get out from.

You don't know the facts. But secretly, you do. You KNOW what they're doing to you and all the other unwilling. #suddenly
THIS. You see it all around you. Deflategate, Satanic Halftime Rituals, 'Goodell', CLEARLY the #Obamanation, Hillarious and Wild Bill, 'climate change' (hello blizzards), chem trails, conspiracy theories, that promotion you were passed over for because you wouldn't lower your moral standards. It's all around you and it is a multi-headed beast. This is TRUE SUDDENLY KNOWLEDGE; to wake up and see the world is not as you were 'taught' to see it. To see it in the TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF HIGHER POWER.

What is the missing link? why is it #suddenly so important.
It is SO IMPORTANT because YOU are the missing link. Not some long-forgotten species of ape. Not some nearly dumb creature, are you? No! You are the link to THEIR plans working, without you THEY have NOTHING. You are also a link to GOD's Plan; to bring about TRUE PEACE in the KNOWLEDGE and REIGN of JESUS CHRIST.

why is carney so #suddenly important?
Carney is taken from Irish for 'little spear'. A little spear, to do what? To spear Christ? He was speared once, I highly doubt He'd take another. Hmm. Is it meant to spear you? I wonder, as he was a deputy sheriff and did have KNOWLEDGE of these matters. It has been a while since I tweeted this, the first and also most recent time I've seen this film. Is it Carney down there in the basement, kept hidden under wraps? To hide THEIR plans.

Department of Education teaches a false mantra of being yourself. How can you be yourself when they indoctrinate over who you are? #suddenly
'Just be yourself, no one will get hurt.' You hear that quite often, don't you? At least the first part, but then the second sometimes happens. BE YOURSELF and SHUN THE INDOCTRINATION, SEEK THE TRUE KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM OF THE ELDERS BEFORE YOU. They know, they were there! The Department of Education is working in conjunction with an elder version of a shunned program. Those windows and doors should not work, but sometimes they just pop up and WREAK HAVOC on us.


#Hipster38 was chief over them before j edgar hoover, when things were more right and true than they are now #suddenly
You must have been. (I loaded it up... You'll have to watch it to get the message.) Didn't #Hipster38 teach Carney well enough, or was he used for other purposes? Wangerbee gallops off into the sunset, 'My job is done here, I've been taught by the best!' Hipster is clearly knowledgeable in these matters, but where did his teaching go wrong? Was it the teens, twenties, thirties? This goes back to the earlier question: When did it all go wrong? For the Goons, it was during the WAR, Carney, Wangerbee, the Sheriff? Me? You? Our ancestors? I'd imagine the chief over them probably asked much the same questions. Who. What. When. Where. Why.

How do you like to be cooked over the hot coals? #suddenly
Well? Are you done? Just need another flip and a minute?

THEY will offer only one chance, and that road ALWAYS leads to DEATH and DESTRUCTION. #suddenly
Well? Are you done? Just need another flip and a minute? They'll try their hardest to flip you, into their little schemes or drive you mad. Even mad, you're still somewhat useful. Boston, Aurora, Oklahoma City, the Middle East, Russia. Flip off that road. It's a dead end.

Department of Education goon did some chopping... some... SUNSHINE CHOPPING most likely #suddenly
Is this actually happening? Revolutionary new tactics in Education. Slow motion freezing. The Third Blood Moon. I believe in March. April is a Moon. Constant Synchronicity. It's all CONSTANT, it's all CONSISTENT. A flow of action, always forward.

PSICK Department of Education Standards. #suddenly
We should not be surprised. We've got those, and there's more where that came from. They are almost literally bred by the DoE and other alphabet agencies. That or outright THUGS.

#Hipster38: The tools they use to destroy you can be used against them, just as effectively. #suddenly

The Department of Education goon knows ALL the TECHNIQUES. #suddenly we ask ourselves: we did we let it get so far like this?
Why? The techniques are known, shown and PROVEN. What TOOLS can DESTROY you if you have THE LORD?

Sheriff Major Tom is a reverse symbol of the Government, a secret subversive agent himself. Meant to divide and conquer ANYTHING. #suddenly
Again: DINO's, RINO's and Benedict Arnolds. But not quite. Maybe a wild card: If they see something to destroy, then they destroy. If they see something to build, then they build. No other cause or reason. Almost as if it were pure randomness... almost.

GOOD. or BAD. An agent so deep, he doesn't even know it. #suddenly
Do you know this? I've tried to wrap my brains around the idea... all it does is send me into mind warp drive. Almost like the Terminator 4, the Terminator that doesn't really know what its purpose is. Are they a wild card? Something else?

#Suddenly, its funny and sad what you get from the televisual experience, in ANY era.
It can be any era of any medium. The SYMBOLS and KNOWLEDGE will FLOW. Good for the Good, Bad for the Bad.

THEY LIVE through the airwaves, and die by their airwaves. #suddenly

Department of Education goon #2 blew a fuse #suddenly
Don't blow a fuse. The INFORMATION WILL FLOW at the natural pace you choose. You don't have to try and CRAM the DOWNLOADS all in at once. It takes time, you will get it.

The same technology they used against the people were used against their very plans, against them to clear victory. #suddenly
Indeed, this is true. Most are human. We know the basics, we're human too. Demons, Satanists, etc. are they really 'winning'? What did the LORD reveal to be their end scenario?

Yet, the #Obamanation of Desolation still rolls through the land, crushing the will of the people one stop to the next. #suddenly, we care.

Everything ended happily ever after in 1954, and happily ever after that? #suddenly
Do you care? Really?

It happened in #Suddenly. #TrueStory

Friday, January 30, 2015

We Die Daily: Death Decoded: The Sequel

Ripped again from the Headlines of Death!:

Jean-Claude Baker, 71, French-born American restaurateur, suicide.

Ena Baxter, 90, Scottish food manufacturer (Baxters).

Arnaldo Calveyra, 85, Argentine poet and novelist, heart attack.

Eugene E. Covert, 88, American aeronautics engineer.

Ervin Drake, 95, American songwriter ("It Was a Very Good Year", "I Believe", "Good Morning Heartache"), bladder cancer.

Kim Fowley, 75, American record producer, band manager (The Runaways), impresario and musician, bladder cancer.

Alan Hirschfield, 79, American film executive (Columbia Pictures).

Jochen Hülder, 57, German music impresario and band manager (Die Toten Hosen).

Val Holten, 87, Australian cricketer.

Anwarul Iqbal, 64, Bangladeshi politician and police chief, cardiac arrest.

Archibald Kennedy, 8th Marquess of Ailsa, 58, Scottish peer, hereditary chief of Clan Kennedy.

Ethel Lang, 114, British supercentenarian, nation's oldest person (since 2013), last living Briton born during reign of Queen Victoria.

Chikao Ōtsuka, 85, Japanese voice actor (Sonic the Hedgehog, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, One Piece), ischemic heart failure.

Raoul Pantin, 71, Trinidadian journalist, poet and playwright.

Harvey Sweetman, 93, New Zealand World War II pilot.

Rameshwar Thakur, 88, Indian politician, Governor of Odisha (2004–2006), Andhra Pradesh (2006–2007) and Karnataka (2007–2009).

Walter Westbrook, 93, South African artist.

Bob Wilson, 85, American sportscaster (Boston Bruins).

Joseph Mukasa Zuza, 59, Malawian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Mzuzu (since 1995), traffic collision.

Wikipedia Deaths, from January 15, 2015. Dead men DO tell tales!

BAKER. What's that you say? Why yes, BAKER DID IN FACT LEAD OFF THE FIRST DEATH DECODED POSTING. Coincidence? Friend, there is no such thing here. Even more stunning is the fact that he was an actual restaurateur. Maker of the Sustenance. The Rainbow Baker. Developer of taste. Unravels the Code of Sustenance. Taste Bud Tester. The Knower of Certain Angles. A bun in the oven. (The copy and paste job screamed at me. I'm sorry.)

BAXTER. MOAR FOOD REFERENCES! Jam it all! Where's the peanut butter?! Name meaning, Old English: Female Baker. That's who we have here. This is pretty straightforward. (If you don't count the contract with the Queen of England to produce Scottish specialties.)

There can be only ONE!!

Eat it, TREBEK!!

CALVEYRA. We go to name meaning on this one. Arnaldo (Italian form of Arnold), in full, meaning: 'Eagle, Power' (Germanic: Arn, Wald) and Calveyra (and similar sounding surnames) meaning (from Spanish/Catalan (or so says Google Translate), in no particular order): glade, skull, bare, ordeal. The first that yells out to me is Eagle Power Ordeal. Or a lack thereof. Thanks, Obama... we see what you're doing over there. The Eagle (no-)Power Ordeal spread from Europe to the United States and is now boomeranging back, as seen in France a few weeks ago. Eagle? Power? All France has is a rooster. Cocked, locked and a-doodle-doo! Glade- An open space in the forest, or; a tract of marshland. Do you see what is happening, in the OPEN, before your VERY OWN EYES? They are opening YOU up to FAR GREATER dangers, letting you sink in the murk and mire, barely lifting a finger... or a skull. Obama is Bizarro helping you!

Cocked, locked and a-doodle-doo!

COVERT. A simple explanation here? Mostly. ;) THEY do try to plan their actions and carry them out AS COVERTLY AS POSSIBLE. It's a secret! SHOOSH!! But there are no secrets here. There is also the fact that he was in aeronautics. Space is the place. LOOK UP! The stars ARE meant as SIGNS. LOOK UP! JESUS. IS. COMING.

You aren't seeing ANY of this!

DRAKE. Duck Soup. (More BAKER references? Gosh!) The first of TWO DUCK REFERENCES (BIRDS, MAN) that caught my eye. Shoo fly!  This is deep on SEVERAL LEVELS. First, Drake is the male of any duck, not the Hollywood Celebritist. Second, the name meaning. Ervin is the Hungarian-Croatian form of Germanic Erwin, from Hariwini, hari "army" wini "friend". Drake is from Old English draca meaning "dragon". An army friend of the dragon, eh? What kind of 'army'? What kind of 'friend'? One of Drake's famous songs:

It Was a Very Good Year as performed by Frank Sinatra

Further reference:
Listen to dat Shat!

We begin to see what sort of so-called 'army friend' this is. An army where certain connections are key towards ones advancement. Flipped out into space yet? Further Televisual evidence:

Hey Mr. Tally Man; The Banana Boat Song (Day-O) performed by Harry Belafonte

Further reference:
Still pretty funny, but it's getting more to the point...

An 'army' of 'friends' of the 'dragon'. Can you drop the Common Core and add up one, two and three? You think it's an 'out there' idea but it fits, too well. An Army of Friends of the Dragon (AntiChrist) to lull you to sleep and/or chop your head off. 'This is the new normal! Sleep, baby. Sleep.' Don't like it? CHOP.

This is deep, but it's going so much deeper...

FOWLEY. THE SECOND DUCK (BIRDS, MAN) REFERENCE. Lets get the Televisuals out of the way:

Alley Oop performed by the Hollywood Argyles (Gary Paxton and Kim Fowley)

They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! performed by Napoleon XIV

This hearkens back to the original We Die Daily and the discussion of the Egyptian god Sokar/Seker. 'Is it for more love? Not necessarily. Then more love of what? The Chipunza, or; the CHIMPANZEE. The could-have-been man. What more is there to love than a man descended from an ape? The primordial being ultimately tamed. That is what the followers of that unholy god would have you believe. Chief over the Elect (to die for that false god). We've uncovered their little schemes, and are going deeper still.' - See more at:

Alley Oop clearly being the CHIMPANZEE here. A caveman, neanderthal, primitive. Call him what you will, would you call him crazy? Creatively speaking, that's what is being said of poor Napoleon XIV, whom Fowley had a hand in producing. The love of his life being part of the soul-crushing drive of the song; to say that she (the AntiChrist) is above you, ready to stamp you out in a heartbeat. Is it a mindless brute that comes to take Napoleon away? Or is it a controlled and thoroughly evil-minded person making the decisions? AntiChrist is Against Man, what better way to show it than through animal references, such as ducks (birds) and chimpanzees?

Sokar/Seker revisited. Just like We Die Daily.

I want to take a moment to go a little more in depth on two items.

  • DUCK SYMBOLISM. Much like any symbolism, I believe God used the ducks (birds) for His own purposes. The duck, according to certain Native American mythologies, is the linking symbol in nature between sea and sky. Not only between sea and sky, but between our physical world and the spiritual realm. Ducks are flexible and adaptive in most situations. But the symbolism moves always forward. Are you a sitting duck? Are you open in your own situation to be attacked? Do you have a plan or some form of comeback if they call you crazy? If 'they come to take you away'? 'If it looks like a duck...' Come on, people. It's too danged obvious. This system is UNIVERSAL; it SHUNS NONE that come to the UNDERSTANDING and TRUE KNOWLEDGE of our current events on Earth AND in Heaven!  
  • BLADDER CANCER. Shun the recycled waste water and facilities from which it came. If you come to the above realization, everything else is water under the bridge. The water WASHES YOU, CLEANSES the dirt and the grime that has built up over time. It washes out the cancers, physical and otherwise, that have ransacked through our systems over the years and centuries and millennia. These men died in the same way, in the same state; perhaps it was in their waning days and hours they came to realize the TRUE POWER of JESUS CHRIST, the CLEAN, REFRESHING WATERS that flow through Him, from Him and through US if we so choose. Once we come into repentance and Accept him, it's water under the bridge. HE CAN make it true water under the bridge and let it ALL FLOAT AWAY. 
HIRSCHFIELD. Name meaning: little rock, deer, field. Also, Alans could be an Iranian people who moved into Europe from 300-400 AD. He was a film executive with Coulmbia. Take a look at this Televisual evidence:

(I cannot say that I've seen this documentary-- we will see it together-- but I am familiar with the Columbia symbolism.)

Columbia is an Illuminati goddess with close connections to the Ancient Egyptian Isis. Another link to Sokar/Seker. I'm vaguely worried about the cities connection. Little Rock is pretty clear, but what of Deerfield? Am I going out on a limb here based on the evidence or lack thereof? (The Water People. Now what did Jonathan Kleck and Space Man say about water, hmm? Floods. Kleck said the Hoover Dam was in THEIR SIGHTS. My Pal Man explains there are more natural events taking place, which DO lead-in to the BIGGER PICTURE. GOD CONTROLS IT ALL. (I've recently started having a few FLOOD DREAMS/VISIONS. Hyper-regional flooding, such as: Great Lakes, Mississippi River, etc.)

If you build it... LORD will tell you when to MOVE. (LORD: IT DOESN'T HURT TO KNOW THE ESCAPE ROUTES.)

HULDER. A similar surname meaning: usher, mace-bearer. First name based on Joachim: raised/established by YAHWEH. I was almost too quick to want to try and write this one off. Google Translate has his band's name as The Dead Pants. Well... who needs living pants when GOD HIMSELF gives us JESUS?! DANG. :|

I'm going to have a SPLITTING HEADACHE...

HOLTEN. German for brought. Assumed under given middle of Val for Valentine. A month before Valentine's Day. I believe this is going back to the love message from earlier. Who or what is it that you love? Your spouse? Your money? Your God? What is being brought to the table? What is being considered? What is being shunned? Who was brought as PAYMENT?

Who loves ya, baby?

IQBAL. ICK, BAAL. I cannot find any other reference. A politician and police officer. I'm fairly confident many would say ICK! to people in those professions. Hands off...

KENNEDY. Two words: Kennedy Ails. Oh look, he's SCOTTISH. Beam me up, Scotty! Fluff that stuff! A clan chief, probably involved in politics (big surprise). The LINE, it's in the LINE. With the peerage and titles and monarchs and what not, the LINE is clearly important. Who is IT, who's NEXT, etc. We know that somewhat, with our own Kennedy family. Look how that turned out. How was Thanksgiving/Christmas/Holiday/Event FOREVER? I feel it should be noted that he passed in Florida. Across the water, surrounded by water... THE KNOWLEDGE FLOWS.

Party Animal.

LANG. She lived a nice, long life. The last person living to have seen the reign of Queen Victoria. I take this to mean the prophecy involving the last generation. A generation will not pass after Israel's return as a nation before the RETURN of the MESSIAH.

Queen Victoria, ruled 6.20.1837-1.22.1901

OTSUKA. Japanese name meaning: Large (tomb) mound. I think this is another obvious one. JESUS DEFEATED DEATH, rising again in three days to RETURN to the FATHER. If a large stone cannot defeat Him, can Death? NO! Can a tomb or rock stop you? If you TRULY BELIEVE, then the ANSWER MUST BE NO. With CHRIST you CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS, you CAN DEFEAT DEATH.

NOTHING can hold JESUS back. Who is against Him? Who is against you if He is with you?

PANTIN. Another where I went HERE WE GO! French for puppet. I've discovered in research that a Porte de Pantin was along the getaway route of the terrorists in the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Several other place names near Paris contain Pantin. Pantin proper at 4 miles distant; Dammartin-en-Goele, where the terrorists were surrounded, at 22 miles distance from Paris. Puppets. A Google search netted this page: Saint Pantaenus Somewhat interesting. Somehow the connection was made using the power of the sites (thanks Google) between PANTIN, PANTAENUS and the Latin word REPENTINUS, meaning: SUDDEN, HASTY, UNEXPECTED. I can see where this is going, but that would be postdiction, the opposite of prediction. No, I'm not doing that. This is still somewhat of a prediction area when the need arises. A NEED for knowledge, then SUDDENLY KNOWLEDGE.

Puppet Mastery.

SWEETMAN. DUDE! A pilot, another reference to the sky. Keep Looking Up!

You were dead when you filmed this. HOW?! Keep Looking Up! #OKThen

THAKUR. Rameshwar: Ramses' War? WHOA. Refers to Ramses campaign in Syria and Israel. One of the battles taking place in MEGIDDO. Also, one of the earliest known examples of WRITTEN military TACTICS. Yes, that Ramses, the one of THE BIBLICAL EXODUS. The Jews had built their cities Raamses and Pi-Ramsses, Ramses may have been doing GOD'S WILL by recapturing CAANAN. This was the last remnant of the Hyksos (15th-17th Dynasties). A fairly sizable (and powerful) element within the Hyksos were probably Jews (or an early variation/cousin/etc). A larger portion of the Hyksos may also have been the 'invaders from the seas' that ravaged the Mediterranean several hundred years prior. A certain 'Water People'.

Hyksos, c. 1900 B.C.

Ramses II, the Great

The building of Raamses and Pi-Ramsses by Jewish slaves, being locations of Pharaoh's Chariots (Chariot Towns), was an historically crucial event pre-dating the Exodus.

Tel Megiddo, overlooking the plain of Megiddo.

WESTBROOK. The Water FLOWS. Walter being another Old English name meaning: ruler of the army. Appoint the rulers WISELY and it just WORKS. Just like the Apostles and Prophets were raised up, there is a STRUCTURE, LEVELS almost akin to military rank. I am talking about an ARMY here: I think it is safe to say as to whose army is being talked about, JESUS' ARMY.

If you find yourself in the military, you might find that sometimes you'll have to do some tough stuff. Even then, it all has PURPOSE.

WILSON. The news. Missed chances. The Bear. I think this is saying something. The will, desire, helmet, protection of the son. Is it the Son of the Bear? Maybe that's why we've seen bears running roughshod ((of a horse) having shoes with nailheads projecting to prevent slipping) to RIP and TEAR certain peoples apart) as of late. Is it the Fathers' Son? Jesus? Will He FLIP your world like He did the money changers tables?

This can't be real, can it?

Roughshod, removable cleats for horseshoes. Really, they're embedded nails ready to rip your screaming flesh.

Jesus flips out the money changers.

ZUZA. Thanks again to Google Translate, azuza in Zulu means benefited. I cannot help but be reminded of the Azusa Street Revival. A REVIVAL of the SPIRIT and KNOWLEDGE of JESUS CHRIST. We KNOW these things to be real, to be written in our HEARTS and MINDS. We KNOW there are CERTAIN SPIRITS about, some to HELP, some to HARM. If you have JESUS, there can be no harm. No war, no hate, no pain, no sadness.

The church on Azusa Street.

Something is about to be brought upon us, suddenly, unexpectedly. But knowing HOW to decode these items, hopefully it is shown WHAT IT REALLY IS that is coming. You were dead but looked up, realizing something bigger going on in this universe. You were flipped out and accepted a DIVINE DOWNLOAD of crucial information. It comes with no viruses. IT HEALS. IT DOES NOT CORRUPT, IT IS INCORRUPTIBLE. What you choose to believe in or not IS IMPORTANT. It is easier and healthier to believe in SOMETHING than to believe in NOTHING.

WOW. This was VERY difficult to write; one thing after another! Procrastination on top of all that! Then I came to the realization that SUDDENLY KNOWLEDGE HAD TO BE WRITTEN before this. But this was JUST SO LOADED I couldn't NOT say something about it. These times... sometimes you wonder why I say THIS IS TODAY. TODAY IS THE DAY. I get that every so often. All you have to do is live and see and see to live. KNOW what to look for, study the signs, study the symbols, study the BIBLE. You will then see that it was ALL ENCODED FROM THE BEGINNING and is currently becoming

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