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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Executive Shit Post Is Real

From Facebook:
Shit rolls downhill. Everything the Federals feel they don't need to control either by need or law, gets sent to the States. The States operate the same way as the Federal level. They may get a gut feeling that the Counties can handle something that they don't need to handle themselves. The Counties operate in a manner similar to that of the States. They will pass control over to the Cities. Is it a surprise that the Cities operate in a familiar fashion to those above? Nope. They finally pass certain powers, abilities and rights all the other institutions believed that they didn't need on to the people they belonged to in the first place. Look up the hill. Who is there? Shit doesn't know the difference between conservatives and liberals and their stupid thoughts. It just knows two things: It needs out and it needs to smack whoever is at the bottom of the hill. The Shit doesn't care who it strikes, just that it strikes that person or thing. The hill gives a strategic advantage for Shit-flinging. Remove the hill and the shit-flingers are on your level. Do we have to remove the hill to avoid the shit-flinging? There's a lot of open space out there, lots of hills too. Should we take all effort to avoid the Shit? Certainly, we don't want to get tainted up with the waste. Don't put the Shit-flingers up on the hill anymore. If you want Shit, you'll certainly deal with your own. It doesn't hurt to have an industrial strength plunger or bulldozer or water pump ready.