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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Sheeple Minion Army of Little Gee Celebritism: Cult of Death

A Twitter Message Occurring on 8.29.2014:

Tough Guy, eh?

Tony Soprano: think about it. They aren't really asking if he is living or dead-

They're asking YOU if you are living or dead.

The Dead Celebritism Office

Why ask, using dead celebritism, if YOU are living or dead?

The dead will bury the dead. Pay no attention to those behind the curtain, those high upon the stages.

You aren't even real to them. Nor are they real to you; you click on the little box and accept their programming.

Using celebritism to promote death isn't a new thing. It really isn't new either when it causes death. - Death Decoded

Part Two

Tony Soprano's fate was left up ENTIRELY to viewer speculation. If you chose life, how could he have died? How could he have lived?

A confusion and apparently a retraction has come since. Misunderstanding the question... or something. Do you see this play?

MORNING FIBER. RT @tonyzump: The Democrat Platform is the same as a pile of cow dung........Actually Cow Dung has more substance.

(This actually kind of ties in later with the message.)

Playing the little gees. 'Certainly I AM alive.' This coming from them, clearly dead, unable to play any part aside from the pieces.

Production Values

Alive, but dead. Sounds more like a #Zombie than a 'sheeple'.

'Oh hey, let's watch The Grazing Sheep.' No. All they do is munch and munch. They don't have the mind muscle memory, the recall, that we do.

Memes and viral videos are a good example. Simply: Each one is different. It's not the same grass they're chewing. Different every time.

Sure, you can't over graze the animals in a single area. You gotta move em around.

Grass produces a similar texture. Memes, viral videos, different textures and results. #fiber

The 'Sheep' don't seem to have a good shepherd. But if they are dead 'sheeple', do they deserve a Good Shepherd?

Was the right specifically given to YOU to be a good shepherd to your 'sheeple', those that you have to 'wake up'?

We were given a Good Shepherd.

Discipleship. To be like Jesus. The animal will be no more than an animal. Man or zombie, they can grow/be revitalized into that role.

In Perpetuity

I don't believe people are getting it. We are more than just animals, even though our behavior sometimes doesn't show it.

A zombie could be led to bible study or church, feign understanding or force a smile - the mind muscle memory -

The animals, they just want to eat, sleep, and if they're lucky, get a chance to reproduce. Eat Sleep Reproduce. Eat Sleep Reproduce.

In perpetuity.

Jim Needs Your Minions

DepressedDarth Minion Jawas

Little minions... I believe that's all the sheeple could reproduce. 'You are TERRIBLE sheeple! Just terrible! Now go and make more minions!'

They NEED the Sheeple Minion Army. For their own desires, for their own pocket books.

Jim Jonesin for the Sheeple Minion Army.

Article Title

See that? How it all comes back around? The little gee.

The Sheeple Minion Army of Little Gee Celebritism. Cult of Death.

You know what you know and see what you see for a reason. -

Robin, James. Heck, even a snake named Jake and a zombie named Joan.

Robin said in the film, I wont do it. But he did it. Reality. Are you real? Are you fake? Are you alive? Are you dead?

Do those undesirable influences need to know your very definite answer? Maybe YOU need to see it, say it, experience it.


Words of Thanks.

@tradethecycles Thank you my friend!

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