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Thursday, June 5, 2014

We Die Daily: Death Decoded

Ripped from the Headlines of Death!:

June 4, 2014:

John Baker, 86, British Anglican prelate, Bishop of Salisbury (1982–1993).

Yusuf Hamdan, 63, Malaysian businessman, instrumental in hostage release by Abu Sayyaf (2000), cancer.

George Ho, 94, American-born Chinese Hong Kong media owner (Commercial Television and Radio), recipient of the Gold Bauhinia Star (2001).

Saad Man, 63, Malaysian politician, Kedah MLA for Jitra, lung cancer.

Yasuo Masumoto, 67, Japanese industrial and farm machinery executive, chairman and president of Kubota.

Doc Neeson, 67, Australian musician (The Angels), brain tumour.

Chester Nez, 93, American Navajo code talker, last remaining Navajo that developed the code, recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal (2000), renal failure.

Lovemore Chipunza Sekeramayi, 67, Zimbabwean civil servant, Chief Elections Officer of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (since 2007).

Nathan Shamuyarira, 85, Zimbabwean newspaper editor and politician, Minister of Information (1980–1987) and Foreign Affairs (1987–1995).

Susan Spencer-Wendel, 47, American author, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Buddy Wentworth, 77, Namibian politician.

Walter Winkler, 71, Polish footballer (Polonia Bytom, national team).

Don Zimmer, 83, American baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers) and manager (Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs), heart failure as a complication from cardiac surgery.

The dead do not lie.  Thus, they ARE prone to tell a tale or two or three.

BAKER.  Maker of the Sustenance. Baked creationist. Developer of taste. Unravels the Code of Sustenance. The Bishop of Salisbury Steak (so revered). The Knower of Certain Angles. A bun in the oven.

Baked creationist. :(

HAMDAN.  Oink-oink. The Return of the Sustenance. Yus Yes-man. Malaysian Airliner Instruments (Businessman). He knows his stuff. Ham for Dan (he's Jewish, he can't eat pork). The Millennium.

HO.  Pimp out the Television and Radio. Everybody has a price. Set up for the bun oven. The Millennium starts now.

SAAD MAN.  This is a key point. MAN is in a SAD state of affairs right now. Not knowing where to go or what to do. Just flipping out their words kedahmlaforjitra, it just doesn't make sense anymore. Why is it (the synchronicity of events) pointing towards Malaysia all of a sudden, as being the reason for this sadness?

MASUMOTO.  Dump it! Sad? There are people out there that would gladly BURY you. The machine ALWAYS moves, whether it be to BURY you or DIG YOU OUT. MASU; measurement, specifically in the measurement of the Rice Sustenance. MOTO; base or origin. THE BASELINE READING OF YOUR SUSTENANCE LEVELS. THE ORIGIN OF YOUR SUSTENANCE LEVELS. WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? FUKUSHIMA? BURIED.

At the very least, you'll get to enjoy the view...

NEESON. The Answer: From the ANGELS sent by the LORD from HEAVEN. Must be MANNA from HEAVEN. We are measuring sustenance levels, you know? Who better than a doctor to measure the levels? NEE.

NEZ.  We're back to the developers. Navajo natives from the star peoples; the natives before the natives before the natives. Clovis is partly true. They weren't Native Americans, they weren't really Native Europeans. Were they Egyptians? Atlanteans? ANGELS from HEAVEN? What does gold (or any other metal) have to do with it? NAY.

SEKERAMAYI.  So much hidden here. Start with simple (ugh) name meaning, last/first/middle. First, from the Wikipedia: 'Seker (Sokar) is a falcon god (little g) of the memphite necropolis. Although the meaning of his name remains uncertain, the Egyptians in the Pyramid Texts linked his name to the anguished cry of Osiris to Isis, Sy-k-ri, hurry to me, in the underworld. Seker is strongly linked with two other gods, Ptah the chief god of Memphis and Osiris the god of the dead. (Note: aside from these dead people, Wiki Ancient Egypt info is, for the most part, spot on for source.) Seker; Turkish, sweet, candy. Ekera; why sweet? For the (meaning:) ants to hurry to. Old Slavonic: AXE, UNPAID DEBTS, SLASHING. May I suppose then that is the ultimate fate of these ants to the sweet of Seker?: That the AXE will SLASH down upon them over their UNPAID DEBTS (continually living in sin) crushing them into a sweet candy for an unholy god. Why do the Mayans (mayi) and Magi (pagan wizards) play into this? Is it for more love? Not necessarily. Then more love of what? The Chipunza, or; the CHIMPANZEE. The could-have-been man. What more is there to love than a man descended from an ape? The primordial being ultimately tamed. That is what the followers of that unholy god would have you believe. Chief over the Elect (to die for that false god). We've uncovered their little schemes, and are going deeper still.

SHAMUYARIRA.  The Ministry of (false) Information. A sham. A foreign affair. It's all coming together now, from Ancient Egypt to Zimbabwe to the Americas. The deeper connections are foreign to those unawares of them. WAKE UP and gain the first TRUE LEVEL. The first true level to the people, the world, the universe AWAKENED around you.

SPENCER-WENDEL.  Atrophy. The apathy of the lame (musculoskeletal) structure. The Temple of the ONE TRUE GOD and the ONE FALSE GOD. The DUAL NATURE of MAN. The one to ascend to HEAVEN and be with FATHER, the one to stay behind and be crushed like an ant. What is it that makes your structure so lame?

ZIMMER.  A manager (to set the House in order). The heart fails man in times of deep trouble. Reset the heart, reset the order of your mind, life, world, universe.

HE believes this is the Year of D.

We're all in this together, buddy. Winkler ;) it out and smile. If you know the LORD like you say you do, YOU ARE SAVED. Don't let your heart fail you: Honesty is the BEST policy. If you've got any doubts in you, get them out and BE SURE OF YOUR SALVATION. If you ASSUME, that makes an ASS out of U and ME. You can fool me, but not GOD.