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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When Celebrityism Attacks Its Own Incarnations

I have seen video of this Drake trying to enter the Miami Heat locker room after their NBA Championship victory. Trying to mosey on into victory lane, riding high on the waves of his Musical Celebrityism. His high gain of Celebrityism was muted when informed that the locker room was open only to Media Celebrities; the approved reporters for various publications and teevee channels who are well-liked of the Heat and the general Sports Enthusiast Audience. They are the knowers of these Sports Celebrities. They chum around during the season, experiencing the highs and lows. They invest beyond normal means to get the story. I was there when Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Lebron James made the important shots during the season. I was there to lift them up, during their moment of injury; helping to wave Media Celebrityism over the Sports Celebrityist in hopes of raising some Klout between the Sports Enthusiast Audience, along with other Sports and Media Celebrityists. This is the Klout of Celebrityism.

The Sports Celebrityist is thankful for the fans cheering him or her on. Thankful for the fans showing up, so as to pay for their often times outrageous salaries. The Sports Celebrityist gains nothing from the Sport Enthusiast Audience aside perhaps from a momentary adrenaline rush, the results upon the Sports Celebrityist being not always positive. That being said, the Sports Celebrityist has grown into some form of Emotional Vampire, sapping away such enthusiasm from the Sports Enthusiast Audience. One can see this from the riots that erupt after championship wins. The means of proper excitement and joy for the Sports Team has been sapped away. I must do something above and beyond my ordinary means, the Riotous Sports Enthusiast Audience says, I must participate in Riotous Sports Enthusiast Audience GroupThought.

Where does the Musical Celebrityist Drake come into this?

One- it is clear that not only outside of his Musical Celebrityism, he is a member of the Sports Enthusiast Audience's Celebrityist Chapter. This is not a bad thing; this portion of the Audience just happens to be Celebrityists. Big Whoop. A few bad things about it? One- see the video above. I am a Musical Celebrityist, Drake says, you must let me enter. Whereas the Media Celebrityist Door Checker may reply internally: Drake? No. I enjoy the Musical Celebrityist stylings of George Strait, Willie Nelson and the like. You, sir, are no George Strait or Willie Nelson. Replying to Drake as he did, he has confirmed himself as an upholder of the Sports and Media Celebrityists; as well, being a VERY MINIMALLY decent person.
Two- it confirms Drake as a terrible member of the Sports Enthusiast Audience by further confirming the Musical Celebrityism of his name, Drake, over any price of admittance to the Sports Celebrityist Games. He has used the emotion of the Music Enthusiast Audience to solicit funds to prop his Celebrityism up to a point where he says, I am Drake. I am a Musical Celebrityist who has lots and lots of money. If you grant me admittance, I will grant you a monetary wish. He has duped not only the Musical Enthusiast Audience, but he has also duped the Sports Enthusiast Audience (forcing eager payers out into the streets to potentially join in Riotous Sports Enthusiast Audience GroupThought Games);  he has duped the Sports Celebrityists in a similar fashion, since he has forced out members of the Sports Enthusiast Audience, the money-making catalyst); finally, he has Media Celebrityists somewhat duped, whereas Drake's thinking at the time was somewhere along the lines of: 'My Celebrityism MUST transcend ALL the ISM's. Therefore, I WILL gain entry into the Media Celebrityist's Celebration of the Sports Celebrityist's Games.'

Indeed, Drake has invoked a Holier-Than-Thou attitude within himself and almost certainly extending to his entourage. This should serve as a detriment to his career, however:

Celebrityism IS an umbrella over the WHOLE of Celebrityism. They may attack each other in a more covert manner such as this; or, in a more overt manner such as, say, Courtney Love and Madonna or Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga. More times than not, they'll make up like Drake, Lebron and Dwayne did later.

All in all, WE are the only true victims of Celebrityism.

Drake wonders: Why?