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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rick Perry, the Media and GOD

I'm concerned about media coverage of Rick Perry. Making him look to be a Messiah, due to the fact that he was at some prayer conference or another. He is not the Republican Messiah. Sure, Texas is doing ok in the economics field. I can't say for sure about the religious field, but it looks good. Did Rick Perry do this? George Bush? It's the people of Texas.

The Media has tried to make Rick Perry a savior, in more than just the economic sense. People have to have the knowledge and power to say to themselves and others: hey, that's wrong! We can't just believe what the media says about our politicians. That's how we got Obama/Biden vs McCain/Palin.

Media, Facebook included, is starting to control peoples lives more and more. What do you believe? Anything this site or that tells you? What truth do you see? Anything that's posted to twitpic or flickr? I believe as a separate organization, the media as we know it now is a stupid and dare I say retarded thing. But as a complete organization, it's a racket, getting people to think one way or the other.

Almost like, oh wow, GOOD versus EVIL. One side says that the other must be evil, worse than Hitler! Look at what they're saying. The other is evil, the other is evil! What are they saying? Nothing. They're mindless idiots that believe too many lies. People know this. That's why you hear the term 'waking up' so often. People are waking up to a truth that goes far beyond themselves.

It starts here and spreads like butter across the nation, across the pond, across the world. But there are some to discourage and block and vilify. They are meant to build and destroy what they make, over and over. The media is just an arm, crushing people down. But, its not the arm that crushes, its the mind. It tells the arm what to do. Tells it that so and so is evil; and so and so is good.

That Rick Perry is some form of Messiah. This is what you should believe. We know. We don't ever lie. Trust us. Life will be better. Rick Perry is no savior, he is no Messiah. Letting talk of this keep going is a terrible thing. If I was Governor Munn, I would put down any talk IMMEDIATELY of any sort of Messiah name-calling. Its simply not Christian. Thus, the true, motivation is partly revealed. As Christians, we have to keep a watch for these signs, keep an eye out for false Messiahs and Anti-Christs. Calling Rick Perry the Messiah should be a HUGE RED FLAG for Christian AND non-Christian alike.

The Media is telling you this! Rick Perry does nothing to quell this speech! He's laying in the same bed! What prayers he says may as well be prayers to SATAN and a QUICK DEATH. The Media is telling you to bend your knee to SATAN! If not SATAN, then some nigh unimaginable evil done to ones own self. Any bodily fears in you? THEY'VE GOT THAT. The first affected would be the far left, moving further and further to the center, from there going further right still. The punishment is that fear, over and over and over, the handful of things terrible in your life. Over and over and over. Think beyond that, think beyond now. Think beyond different. Think beyond your own knowledge. What do you find there? Not a what, but a who. God. He has already sent a Messiah, some are just too ignorant to realize that.

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