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Monday, March 10, 2014

TumblRant No. 1

This post originally appeared in a Tumblr posting, short but sweet:

The REALITY is out there. It may seriously fluff you up, but it's there and ready to be scene. Typo there but it fits. The TRUTH BEHIND and ABOUT. If you see it, there's a very strong chance you wont believe it.
Small Voices, Sunshine Choppers and Blood Moons
The Zombie Message
Lore For US
It's a deception to pull the wool over your eyes. To get you into the zombie-like state. Let the false prophets deal wiith the 'sheeple'. You? You're a Zombie needing to be revived. The Aliens are a lie and the PROOF is in the Pudding. You ARE alive, you CAN be alive. The Pure #Sustenance of the Data Stream. Recognize it. Download it. Accept it. There is NO other way to DISCERN the TRUTH right under your nose.

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