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Saturday, March 19, 2016


I get that Hitlerism can and most likely should be used to point out proven evils. As I pointed out, the only proven thing pointed towards by these people are America, Patriotism, Capitalism (the only two isms that have worked to some degree) and the Tea Party movement. Am I, as a freedom loving American, evil? I don't feel evil. You can ask the same question to the other subjects and get a similar answer. There is a GOOD way to do things and a BAD way. Lift people up instead of pulling a Hitler on them is one way. Show them there is a better way. One of those ways is Jesus. Fluff Nazism and its sad anti-religious 'spirituality', the fuhrer being revered at its horrible core. There is no future in that, no future with Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. I do believe that there is no future with Kasich or Sanders. Cruz is different here between all the candidates. He does have some appeal as a Christian Conservative, but he's proven and able to play as dirty as the rest of them. There is clearly a precedent to put our candidates on a pedestal, to lift them up in a form of reverence. Perhaps they whispered, you aren't God, but are the next best thing for me. Are they falling into Aryanism or Nazism? Not specifically, maybe a form of neo-pagan emperor (president) worship. Even in this scenario, someone like Ronald Reagan could be seen as evil, being a lesser god-president than the older and more established Hitler. A long what-if scenario isn't reality. A bunch of questions and answers with the Ultimate answers being either, I'm going to change things, starting by my vote and grassroots, hand-shaking, baby-kissing efforts, or,; getting scared, then angry and finally resorting to calling everyone Hitler. NONE of these candidates is the one a democratic or republican American wants or deserves. I fear that soon EVERYONE could be Hitler and decide to go medieval on each other. Their candidate could have been a contender, but someone magically wished upon a star and -POOF- they're Hitler now. It's a sad episode of Oprah, except that everyone is getting a Hitler. You're getting a Hitler! EVERYONE'S GETTING A HITLER!!! This is how it begins to end to begin again.

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