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Monday, October 31, 2016

The Great Morenco and the Sexy Weiner Machine

Another story about PIPELINES.

     Hector Morenco, Patriotic American and fellow observer into Hillary Clinton's Wikileaks/Dikileaks materials, helped piece together some shady business. The business appears to revolve around oil, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Let's go to the tweets:

     Soon we have discovered these tweets, waking up to them and to the KNOWLEDGE which they FREELY give. The Syrian Conflict, Benghazi, Egypt and the Arabian Spring; they ALL revolve around Clinton and Obama. It's almost like they got together at some point and decided to form a heinously vile tag team of PURE SATAN. Was it during the 2008 primary season? Hillary Clinton was upstaged by the young up-and-comer Barack Obama. Deals were made between them to GIVE the Democratic nomination to Obama. Some of these deals (Everything in Bloggeration #3, 6.4.2008) included hand-picked overseers of the Democratic National Committee - Debbie Wasserman-Schulz and Donna Brazile - other deals becoming more clear. Obama and other powerful members of the DNC buy into the Clinton Foundation and their evil schemes. Indeed, this scheming includes ISIS.

     Pay to play 'donations' from Qatar to Saudi Arabia leading to Secretary of State and Clinton Foundation namesake Hillary Clinton to send the CIA into Syria. (EIB Update: Egypt and Middle East Tensions 9.10.2011) A year later, we would be attacked in Benghazi, Libya. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other men, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty were assassinated. 'What difference does it make?' Hillary has already received her money; those men's names, will be on the list of names whose lives she has ruined completely. They have no use or purpose if they didn't make a 'contribution' to the Clinton Foundation.

     Hidden in plain sight, like a snake in the grass, one step in the Clinton-Obama Plan for Syria. The U.S.-backed oil pipeline was blocked by Assad. In turn, the CIA is sent in to topple his regime. The United States (via Clinton/s), Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia were players. Why not send the oil through Iraq?
Another hidden in plain sight view: Iraq, Turkey and the Mosul Offensive.
     Erdogan may be using some of these evidences to his advantage; blackmailing someone perhaps, into making the offensive on Mosul happen. Could it be he made a further significant contribution to the Clinton Foundation? We've seen the recent 'unrest' in Turkey, one of the more prosperous, if not well-off countries in the Middle East region. Why so 'uneasy' Turkey? Is it because you too are being manipulated by the Clintons' Foundation, Obama and Erdogan?

     Clinton, Obama and the rest of them are going to manipulate you one way or the other until they get what they want. MONEY. Perhaps these people were killed over a 'disturbing video' hosted on Youtube? Did they make a contribution to the Clinton Foundation? NOPE. What difference do they make?! Money is not evil, but the LOVE OF MONEY is the ROOT of ALL EVIL. Hillary Clinton has SOLD OUT her SOUL to the highest bidder.

     WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. This isn't even real chickens. It's more like chicken nuggets and pink sludge. (Take your pick.) This so-called 'Arab Spring', this 'Free Syrian Army', the whole Syrian Opposition: NONE OF IT IS EVEN REAL. What about Egypt? What about Iraq? What about Libya? What are we to believe anymore? On the geopolitical level, I cannot easily say at this present time. I can say that we can have HFPPA (HOPE, FAITH, PRAYER, POSITIVE ATTITUDE) for a VICTORY over Obama, the Clintons, the DNC and SATAN. We can ask the LORD in prayer for DIVINE DISCERNMENT over the realities and non-realities we are confronted with; to expose the truth from the lie, as these WikiDikileaks become more widespread. THE KNOWLEDGE WILL FLOW.

     I am nearly at tears. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, serving the country which he loved, gained some of this knowledge pertaining to the 'Free Syrian Army'. Certain plot information he had acquired through various channels. The Embassy was attacked and Ambassador Stevens was assassinated after Hillary Clinton had somehow discovered his investigations. Killed by Hillary Clinton. "Can't we just drone him?" Does that sound familiar, America? Ambassador Christopher Stevens was a United States Citizen in Official Diplomatic Duty in Libya, whereas Julian Assange is an Australian national hiding in plain sight in the Ecuadorean Embassy at London England!

     This is truly sickening. "We've killed all our overseas competition! Let's give each other a pat on the back! Good job, everyone! Take it back home to AMERICA! YEA-AAH!" BLURGH!! You get a pardon! You get a pardon! EVERYONE GETS A PARDON! Is there humanity left in these people? NO. To be human, you first HAVE TO BE A HUMAN.

     Here's where it gets a little more interesting. Also the Dikileaks comes in. Could Anthony Weiner, aka CARLOS DANGER, been SEXTING HILLARY CLINTON? I haven't seen any Dikileaks evidences personally- and shudder at the very thought of seeing that HORROR- but have heard wide, yet credible rumor that this could be the case. Not to mention, Huma Abedin, DANGER'S estranged wife, had her laptop synced up with her husband's laptop. Get it? Dikileaks? Anyways, over six hundred and fifty thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton were, for various reasons, hoarded by Huma Abedin and synced to CARLOS DANGER'S SEXY LAPTOP. WEINER MACHINE FOR THE WIN!!

     Yeah, it's a slow build-up to the tear down. Again, we MUST have HFPPA for a VICTORY in this matter. Hillary Clinton Versus Anybody on November 8th, where Candidate Anybody is FAR SUPERIOR to Killary Clinton. 650k Emails? YUGE. It probably will be more of a Christmas or New Years Surprise, more so than the October Surprise as is the expectation every four years.

     The Who. What. When. Where. And Why of the recent Assange Blackout. We have to fight to see which side will win. I KNOW that the side of the LORD WILL WIN. I have deep prayers for that VICTORY. Calling back from previous postings. Pretty decent. I like to SHOW YOU that I've CALLED SOME OF THESE THINGS, years in advance. I hope you can understand the information presented here, maybe even give it a share and comment. Also, give @HectorMorenco a follow on the twitters!

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