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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Governmental Dungeonism

Will #America become a dungeon under either Trump or Hillary? Why is it more difficult for someone to visit another country, with passport restrictions and regulations implemented during the Bush Administration? Why is it more difficult for you to move to another state, with gas prices continually shifting and the continued passage of silly laws, or the threat thereof? Obama's dungeon? Your governor's dungeon? Where is your dungeon if you were clearly meant to be confined? Where is there any asylum from Governmental Dungeonism?
There is no security against Governmental Dungeonism. They wish only to trick and to trap you into their schemes. There will be nothing new under the sun when either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is elected to the Presidency. You must remember, however, that you sat down at the table to play this game. You can't leave until it is over: Either you defeat the enemies and exit the Dungeon, or the Dungeon devours you whole, saving your gains for the next poor soul to discover.

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