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Monday, August 10, 2015

Debate Debacle

From the Depths of Facebook:

Either side of the Debate Debacle you're on, it still doesn't account for a few questions, or why Ted Cruz was given the HAND several times, or why Megyn Kelly mocked GOD then went right away to Cruz, who aside from Huckabee, has one of the more spiritual/religious backgrounds of those who were on the dais.

I'm not for Trump, but neither am I for the Trump bashing. YOU may be just as bad as Trump, calling him your silly names. Who should stoop to the levels of kidism and call names? Is your name in the Top Ten? Are you jealous that someone IS NOT smearing your name, depriving you of the kidism name-calling techniques you should probably forget about? Trump IS good at that sort of thing, he doesn't seem to deny it. The Rosie bit from a while back, which most of you jumped on (I include myself in that list); this spat with Megyn.

Jerkism should be met with a Proper Defense. A Defense against Jerks. This may mean that you jerk the jerks around. Use their own techniques against them. One hit was met with another.

Who can you blame? If not Trump, then Kelly, If not Kelly, then God. As shown, there are numerous biblical references to the issues of blood. Among current events/scientific references, there could be the Ebola Outbreak, or the recent outbreaks of plague in Colorado and California. As SEEN, Kelly DID mock GOD. THERE is an issue I have with the debate. The open mockery of God. Maybe those who really study and understand these various issues put together the blood remarks earlier in the debate with the mocking of God. Are the differences between man and woman Trump's fault? If not Trump, then God? My real beef is with Megyn Kelly's attitude towards Ted Cruz, totally jerking him around by not letting him respond and the mockery of God, pointed towards him. Twenty-three percent of Trump supporters would agree with him, clearly. Are you paying attention to the issues of Ted Cruz and God? Is it really a coincidence that these two issues are biblical? Can you risk it if they are? Are you a jerk if they're not, or just dumb? (Riding the Social Justice bandwagon into the sunset.)

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