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Friday, January 30, 2015

We Die Daily: Death Decoded: The Sequel

Ripped again from the Headlines of Death!:

Jean-Claude Baker, 71, French-born American restaurateur, suicide.

Ena Baxter, 90, Scottish food manufacturer (Baxters).

Arnaldo Calveyra, 85, Argentine poet and novelist, heart attack.

Eugene E. Covert, 88, American aeronautics engineer.

Ervin Drake, 95, American songwriter ("It Was a Very Good Year", "I Believe", "Good Morning Heartache"), bladder cancer.

Kim Fowley, 75, American record producer, band manager (The Runaways), impresario and musician, bladder cancer.

Alan Hirschfield, 79, American film executive (Columbia Pictures).

Jochen Hülder, 57, German music impresario and band manager (Die Toten Hosen).

Val Holten, 87, Australian cricketer.

Anwarul Iqbal, 64, Bangladeshi politician and police chief, cardiac arrest.

Archibald Kennedy, 8th Marquess of Ailsa, 58, Scottish peer, hereditary chief of Clan Kennedy.

Ethel Lang, 114, British supercentenarian, nation's oldest person (since 2013), last living Briton born during reign of Queen Victoria.

Chikao Ōtsuka, 85, Japanese voice actor (Sonic the Hedgehog, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, One Piece), ischemic heart failure.

Raoul Pantin, 71, Trinidadian journalist, poet and playwright.

Harvey Sweetman, 93, New Zealand World War II pilot.

Rameshwar Thakur, 88, Indian politician, Governor of Odisha (2004–2006), Andhra Pradesh (2006–2007) and Karnataka (2007–2009).

Walter Westbrook, 93, South African artist.

Bob Wilson, 85, American sportscaster (Boston Bruins).

Joseph Mukasa Zuza, 59, Malawian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Mzuzu (since 1995), traffic collision.

Wikipedia Deaths, from January 15, 2015. Dead men DO tell tales!

BAKER. What's that you say? Why yes, BAKER DID IN FACT LEAD OFF THE FIRST DEATH DECODED POSTING. Coincidence? Friend, there is no such thing here. Even more stunning is the fact that he was an actual restaurateur. Maker of the Sustenance. The Rainbow Baker. Developer of taste. Unravels the Code of Sustenance. Taste Bud Tester. The Knower of Certain Angles. A bun in the oven. (The copy and paste job screamed at me. I'm sorry.)

BAXTER. MOAR FOOD REFERENCES! Jam it all! Where's the peanut butter?! Name meaning, Old English: Female Baker. That's who we have here. This is pretty straightforward. (If you don't count the contract with the Queen of England to produce Scottish specialties.)

There can be only ONE!!

Eat it, TREBEK!!

CALVEYRA. We go to name meaning on this one. Arnaldo (Italian form of Arnold), in full, meaning: 'Eagle, Power' (Germanic: Arn, Wald) and Calveyra (and similar sounding surnames) meaning (from Spanish/Catalan (or so says Google Translate), in no particular order): glade, skull, bare, ordeal. The first that yells out to me is Eagle Power Ordeal. Or a lack thereof. Thanks, Obama... we see what you're doing over there. The Eagle (no-)Power Ordeal spread from Europe to the United States and is now boomeranging back, as seen in France a few weeks ago. Eagle? Power? All France has is a rooster. Cocked, locked and a-doodle-doo! Glade- An open space in the forest, or; a tract of marshland. Do you see what is happening, in the OPEN, before your VERY OWN EYES? They are opening YOU up to FAR GREATER dangers, letting you sink in the murk and mire, barely lifting a finger... or a skull. Obama is Bizarro helping you!

Cocked, locked and a-doodle-doo!

COVERT. A simple explanation here? Mostly. ;) THEY do try to plan their actions and carry them out AS COVERTLY AS POSSIBLE. It's a secret! SHOOSH!! But there are no secrets here. There is also the fact that he was in aeronautics. Space is the place. LOOK UP! The stars ARE meant as SIGNS. LOOK UP! JESUS. IS. COMING.

You aren't seeing ANY of this!

DRAKE. Duck Soup. (More BAKER references? Gosh!) The first of TWO DUCK REFERENCES (BIRDS, MAN) that caught my eye. Shoo fly!  This is deep on SEVERAL LEVELS. First, Drake is the male of any duck, not the Hollywood Celebritist. Second, the name meaning. Ervin is the Hungarian-Croatian form of Germanic Erwin, from Hariwini, hari "army" wini "friend". Drake is from Old English draca meaning "dragon". An army friend of the dragon, eh? What kind of 'army'? What kind of 'friend'? One of Drake's famous songs:

It Was a Very Good Year as performed by Frank Sinatra

Further reference:
Listen to dat Shat!

We begin to see what sort of so-called 'army friend' this is. An army where certain connections are key towards ones advancement. Flipped out into space yet? Further Televisual evidence:

Hey Mr. Tally Man; The Banana Boat Song (Day-O) performed by Harry Belafonte

Further reference:
Still pretty funny, but it's getting more to the point...

An 'army' of 'friends' of the 'dragon'. Can you drop the Common Core and add up one, two and three? You think it's an 'out there' idea but it fits, too well. An Army of Friends of the Dragon (AntiChrist) to lull you to sleep and/or chop your head off. 'This is the new normal! Sleep, baby. Sleep.' Don't like it? CHOP.

This is deep, but it's going so much deeper...

FOWLEY. THE SECOND DUCK (BIRDS, MAN) REFERENCE. Lets get the Televisuals out of the way:

Alley Oop performed by the Hollywood Argyles (Gary Paxton and Kim Fowley)

They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! performed by Napoleon XIV

This hearkens back to the original We Die Daily and the discussion of the Egyptian god Sokar/Seker. 'Is it for more love? Not necessarily. Then more love of what? The Chipunza, or; the CHIMPANZEE. The could-have-been man. What more is there to love than a man descended from an ape? The primordial being ultimately tamed. That is what the followers of that unholy god would have you believe. Chief over the Elect (to die for that false god). We've uncovered their little schemes, and are going deeper still.' - See more at:

Alley Oop clearly being the CHIMPANZEE here. A caveman, neanderthal, primitive. Call him what you will, would you call him crazy? Creatively speaking, that's what is being said of poor Napoleon XIV, whom Fowley had a hand in producing. The love of his life being part of the soul-crushing drive of the song; to say that she (the AntiChrist) is above you, ready to stamp you out in a heartbeat. Is it a mindless brute that comes to take Napoleon away? Or is it a controlled and thoroughly evil-minded person making the decisions? AntiChrist is Against Man, what better way to show it than through animal references, such as ducks (birds) and chimpanzees?

Sokar/Seker revisited. Just like We Die Daily.

I want to take a moment to go a little more in depth on two items.

  • DUCK SYMBOLISM. Much like any symbolism, I believe God used the ducks (birds) for His own purposes. The duck, according to certain Native American mythologies, is the linking symbol in nature between sea and sky. Not only between sea and sky, but between our physical world and the spiritual realm. Ducks are flexible and adaptive in most situations. But the symbolism moves always forward. Are you a sitting duck? Are you open in your own situation to be attacked? Do you have a plan or some form of comeback if they call you crazy? If 'they come to take you away'? 'If it looks like a duck...' Come on, people. It's too danged obvious. This system is UNIVERSAL; it SHUNS NONE that come to the UNDERSTANDING and TRUE KNOWLEDGE of our current events on Earth AND in Heaven!  
  • BLADDER CANCER. Shun the recycled waste water and facilities from which it came. If you come to the above realization, everything else is water under the bridge. The water WASHES YOU, CLEANSES the dirt and the grime that has built up over time. It washes out the cancers, physical and otherwise, that have ransacked through our systems over the years and centuries and millennia. These men died in the same way, in the same state; perhaps it was in their waning days and hours they came to realize the TRUE POWER of JESUS CHRIST, the CLEAN, REFRESHING WATERS that flow through Him, from Him and through US if we so choose. Once we come into repentance and Accept him, it's water under the bridge. HE CAN make it true water under the bridge and let it ALL FLOAT AWAY. 
HIRSCHFIELD. Name meaning: little rock, deer, field. Also, Alans could be an Iranian people who moved into Europe from 300-400 AD. He was a film executive with Coulmbia. Take a look at this Televisual evidence:

(I cannot say that I've seen this documentary-- we will see it together-- but I am familiar with the Columbia symbolism.)

Columbia is an Illuminati goddess with close connections to the Ancient Egyptian Isis. Another link to Sokar/Seker. I'm vaguely worried about the cities connection. Little Rock is pretty clear, but what of Deerfield? Am I going out on a limb here based on the evidence or lack thereof? (The Water People. Now what did Jonathan Kleck and Space Man say about water, hmm? Floods. Kleck said the Hoover Dam was in THEIR SIGHTS. My Pal Man explains there are more natural events taking place, which DO lead-in to the BIGGER PICTURE. GOD CONTROLS IT ALL. (I've recently started having a few FLOOD DREAMS/VISIONS. Hyper-regional flooding, such as: Great Lakes, Mississippi River, etc.)

If you build it... LORD will tell you when to MOVE. (LORD: IT DOESN'T HURT TO KNOW THE ESCAPE ROUTES.)

HULDER. A similar surname meaning: usher, mace-bearer. First name based on Joachim: raised/established by YAHWEH. I was almost too quick to want to try and write this one off. Google Translate has his band's name as The Dead Pants. Well... who needs living pants when GOD HIMSELF gives us JESUS?! DANG. :|

I'm going to have a SPLITTING HEADACHE...

HOLTEN. German for brought. Assumed under given middle of Val for Valentine. A month before Valentine's Day. I believe this is going back to the love message from earlier. Who or what is it that you love? Your spouse? Your money? Your God? What is being brought to the table? What is being considered? What is being shunned? Who was brought as PAYMENT?

Who loves ya, baby?

IQBAL. ICK, BAAL. I cannot find any other reference. A politician and police officer. I'm fairly confident many would say ICK! to people in those professions. Hands off...

KENNEDY. Two words: Kennedy Ails. Oh look, he's SCOTTISH. Beam me up, Scotty! Fluff that stuff! A clan chief, probably involved in politics (big surprise). The LINE, it's in the LINE. With the peerage and titles and monarchs and what not, the LINE is clearly important. Who is IT, who's NEXT, etc. We know that somewhat, with our own Kennedy family. Look how that turned out. How was Thanksgiving/Christmas/Holiday/Event FOREVER? I feel it should be noted that he passed in Florida. Across the water, surrounded by water... THE KNOWLEDGE FLOWS.

Party Animal.

LANG. She lived a nice, long life. The last person living to have seen the reign of Queen Victoria. I take this to mean the prophecy involving the last generation. A generation will not pass after Israel's return as a nation before the RETURN of the MESSIAH.

Queen Victoria, ruled 6.20.1837-1.22.1901

OTSUKA. Japanese name meaning: Large (tomb) mound. I think this is another obvious one. JESUS DEFEATED DEATH, rising again in three days to RETURN to the FATHER. If a large stone cannot defeat Him, can Death? NO! Can a tomb or rock stop you? If you TRULY BELIEVE, then the ANSWER MUST BE NO. With CHRIST you CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS, you CAN DEFEAT DEATH.

NOTHING can hold JESUS back. Who is against Him? Who is against you if He is with you?

PANTIN. Another where I went HERE WE GO! French for puppet. I've discovered in research that a Porte de Pantin was along the getaway route of the terrorists in the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Several other place names near Paris contain Pantin. Pantin proper at 4 miles distant; Dammartin-en-Goele, where the terrorists were surrounded, at 22 miles distance from Paris. Puppets. A Google search netted this page: Saint Pantaenus Somewhat interesting. Somehow the connection was made using the power of the sites (thanks Google) between PANTIN, PANTAENUS and the Latin word REPENTINUS, meaning: SUDDEN, HASTY, UNEXPECTED. I can see where this is going, but that would be postdiction, the opposite of prediction. No, I'm not doing that. This is still somewhat of a prediction area when the need arises. A NEED for knowledge, then SUDDENLY KNOWLEDGE.

Puppet Mastery.

SWEETMAN. DUDE! A pilot, another reference to the sky. Keep Looking Up!

You were dead when you filmed this. HOW?! Keep Looking Up! #OKThen

THAKUR. Rameshwar: Ramses' War? WHOA. Refers to Ramses campaign in Syria and Israel. One of the battles taking place in MEGIDDO. Also, one of the earliest known examples of WRITTEN military TACTICS. Yes, that Ramses, the one of THE BIBLICAL EXODUS. The Jews had built their cities Raamses and Pi-Ramsses, Ramses may have been doing GOD'S WILL by recapturing CAANAN. This was the last remnant of the Hyksos (15th-17th Dynasties). A fairly sizable (and powerful) element within the Hyksos were probably Jews (or an early variation/cousin/etc). A larger portion of the Hyksos may also have been the 'invaders from the seas' that ravaged the Mediterranean several hundred years prior. A certain 'Water People'.

Hyksos, c. 1900 B.C.

Ramses II, the Great

The building of Raamses and Pi-Ramsses by Jewish slaves, being locations of Pharaoh's Chariots (Chariot Towns), was an historically crucial event pre-dating the Exodus.

Tel Megiddo, overlooking the plain of Megiddo.

WESTBROOK. The Water FLOWS. Walter being another Old English name meaning: ruler of the army. Appoint the rulers WISELY and it just WORKS. Just like the Apostles and Prophets were raised up, there is a STRUCTURE, LEVELS almost akin to military rank. I am talking about an ARMY here: I think it is safe to say as to whose army is being talked about, JESUS' ARMY.

If you find yourself in the military, you might find that sometimes you'll have to do some tough stuff. Even then, it all has PURPOSE.

WILSON. The news. Missed chances. The Bear. I think this is saying something. The will, desire, helmet, protection of the son. Is it the Son of the Bear? Maybe that's why we've seen bears running roughshod ((of a horse) having shoes with nailheads projecting to prevent slipping) to RIP and TEAR certain peoples apart) as of late. Is it the Fathers' Son? Jesus? Will He FLIP your world like He did the money changers tables?

This can't be real, can it?

Roughshod, removable cleats for horseshoes. Really, they're embedded nails ready to rip your screaming flesh.

Jesus flips out the money changers.

ZUZA. Thanks again to Google Translate, azuza in Zulu means benefited. I cannot help but be reminded of the Azusa Street Revival. A REVIVAL of the SPIRIT and KNOWLEDGE of JESUS CHRIST. We KNOW these things to be real, to be written in our HEARTS and MINDS. We KNOW there are CERTAIN SPIRITS about, some to HELP, some to HARM. If you have JESUS, there can be no harm. No war, no hate, no pain, no sadness.

The church on Azusa Street.

Something is about to be brought upon us, suddenly, unexpectedly. But knowing HOW to decode these items, hopefully it is shown WHAT IT REALLY IS that is coming. You were dead but looked up, realizing something bigger going on in this universe. You were flipped out and accepted a DIVINE DOWNLOAD of crucial information. It comes with no viruses. IT HEALS. IT DOES NOT CORRUPT, IT IS INCORRUPTIBLE. What you choose to believe in or not IS IMPORTANT. It is easier and healthier to believe in SOMETHING than to believe in NOTHING.

WOW. This was VERY difficult to write; one thing after another! Procrastination on top of all that! Then I came to the realization that SUDDENLY KNOWLEDGE HAD TO BE WRITTEN before this. But this was JUST SO LOADED I couldn't NOT say something about it. These times... sometimes you wonder why I say THIS IS TODAY. TODAY IS THE DAY. I get that every so often. All you have to do is live and see and see to live. KNOW what to look for, study the signs, study the symbols, study the BIBLE. You will then see that it was ALL ENCODED FROM THE BEGINNING and is currently becoming

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