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Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Entry

Another blog posting from the Twitter Files, for those that may have missed it. Be forewarned, I might be hopping mad!: Reading: The Other Mccain, The GamerGate Hoax, 10.16.2014

As the World Tweets

The FAKERY going on in that ordeal is INTENSE. I like the games, the computers. I also like doing the RESEARCH to find the TRUTH. It's probably not even hacking. Scumbags. If we were talking about #ebola or #zombies or the #isis ISICKLES maybe, we'd be saying: FALSE FLAG, INSIDE JOB, IT'S A LIE! But we're talking about the gamism and the feminism trying to converge and coagulate into something that just isnt right for anyone anywhere. When it actually comes to 'reporting' those peoples, they become NOPEHARDS, the Power of NOPE overwhelming their very being. (See non-hacking scumbags. READ: It's an INSIDE JOB.) They are Living No. Not here, not now, NOT EVER. This would be a better motto for them; Socialists, Communists, the would-be regulators of 'fun' and 'games'.

Happy Entry: The Big Reveal

Anonymous Twitter: seen them
I saw them too. I saw what they did. Heinous. Shh... They don't want you to know they're here to rain on everyone's parade, to dictate what is the 'new fun' to YOU.
'This game is fun.'
BORING GAME - Reviewer.
'I am a woman. You hate me.'
'Repeat to infinity.'
Because there is always that slight chance if you say something that is false long enough, it could become truth. The gamists are fighting against liars and cryhards, those who are unable to take criticisms thrown their way. Feminists and other cryhard opportunists decided to jump aboard the ship. They aren't doing it for any form of 'justice', no! They're in it for the DOLLAR$. 'Look at me! This is an issue. We have tissues we must buy on top of these games! Every time someone beats us in a game, WE MIGHT CRY!'

Personal Story Experience

My sister is a HARDCORE GAMER. She NEVER CRIED ONCE. She only entered the TIRADE ZONE. #Zombies Black Ops II yo. ;) I've never seen a woman cry after being defeated in a video game. It might happen out there in gameland, but never to me or those I know. I would think that if you were a woman and you wanted to cry over it, you could do that, no problems from me. But a COACH would tell her, you just gotta accept the loss, learn from your mistakes and go on to bigger and better things. If she still couldn't control that, maybe the games just aren't for her. Maybe she'll realize it, maybe not. In general, it would be easier for someone to realize they aren't good at something than it would be to say: Dude, you're bad. Put it down. A learning experience either way. But you probably wouldn't think that after being told you suck horribly beyond all suck that ever existed. That's what is being said here (beyond all suck) but the offer is there to create something better - the talent is DEFINITELY there, why not use it?

It Came from the Comments Section

From the same story link:
I liked the whole Texas Hold 'Em/Day-Trading thread. I can't say much about either part, but know enough using the 'fake money' in the 'fantasy games' areas. Hold 'Em, eh... Trading, hey, I never lost any fake money. EVER. Alas, I am back to REALITY and must agree with the Mobius Strip comment. We MUST think about these issues, but not so hard that we lose focus on the important things, like... Texas Hold 'Em Poker and Day-Trading in the Stock Markets. Huh. I guess it's all a big gamble...
The 'Hollywood'-ism comment is one of the realest comments I've read so far. VAST overlaps of real and perceived territories including financial and other interests. ACTORS and ACTRESSES ACT and take action on these issues, acting in their plays and make-believe lands. They also write tweets and devise plans to ca$h in on the big payday of GAMING & HOLLYWOOD. Just look at some of the tweets Hollywood Celebritists have put out about this issue. Look at how it may coincide with some new project they're working on, the part they're trying to put themselves in the lead for. Just a little look, a little sneak peak, RESEARCH. Caught up in the ACT, John Wilkes Booth? WHOOPS. (Just a little less violent, I'll give the Hollywood Celebritists that.)
The last thread in comments, as of this writing (early on 10.19.2014), is a good one: It reveals the strengths and powers (also, weaknesses) of what these feminist, lying, opportunists are up against. As one commented, the Good Guys might not be the brightest bunch, but at the deepest of levels, the emotional level, they are one of THEE most fiercest groups out there. They will realize, if they haven't already, that their PERSONAL LIBERTY is AT STAKE here. When this happens, when they SEE that their God-given rights, BASIC RIGHTS, to LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS are eternally threatened by an abundance of perverse groups and their malicious thoughts, they will rise to the occasion. Not just as Americans or Canadians or any other nationality: No, that's not what those groups are against. They are against a WORLD-WIDE GROUP OF INTER-CONNECTED INDIVIDUALS WHO /ABSOLUTELY HATE/ THE FACT THAT ANYONE COULD INFRINGE ON SUCH A BASIC RIGHT OF HUMANS AS THAT OF HAPPINESS.

Last Words

Clean this mess up, AT THE SOURCE. Did you read the article? The opening paragraph, 'As the World Tweets'? It's an INSIDE JOB. Those involved should be dealt with according to the LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We can use those, just like computers, you know...

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