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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Return of Son of WMD

Call it a Conspiracy: NYT article ( LINK) is an entry point FOR troop deployment in Iraq. Surely NO ONE will want the ISICKLES to have Chemical and/or Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction in their possession. Obama, either sensing an attack via intelligence (unlikely) or seeing one unfold before his very eyes, can no longer hold the momentum back. You see the maps and the general locations of such 'hidden' dumps/stockpiles, you see the ISICKLES wrapping their tentacles around those places.
It seems most of the WMD's go back to the Iran-Iraq War and maybe a bit after. These weapons it is said are still VERY stable, some of which can be traced to Western Countries. However, the ISICKLES overran Iraq's former chemical warfare hub this past June. It contained a 'milk' dud: SEVERAL BUNKERS WORTH OF MATERIAL. It seems IRAQ IS a GOLD MINE for CHEMICAL WEAPONS. Not just at the hub of Iraq's CHEMICAL WEAPON PROGRAM, but at KEY points in Iraq. Several of which have the ISICKLES grasping at the knob and then some.
The ISCIKLES may not have the strength of manpower or weaponry to take on Baghdad, but what if they were to throw Chemical Weapons into the mix? Would Iraq's military hold? Certainly not. Would we hold? Probably not without Iraqi backup. It goes with the ISICKLES seemingly sudden surge forwards to Baghdad over the course of this past month, faster than some predicted. The ISICKLES have crushed the wills, the very SOULS of the Iraqi military; they move on to a better target: Baghdad. Can anyone say BENGHAZI? Because through ineptitude and/or complacency of the Obama Administration we are going to HAND OVER IRAQ to the ISICKLES at the expense of MUCH MORE AMERICAN LIVES THAN THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN had we not taken action before.
Did Bush lie? Is this fiasco his fault? It should be clear that he indeed had some shady intelligence on the matter of WMD's. 'Saddam Hussein's got a bunch of this, but not a ton of that. But no, Hussein's got only a little of this and a whole buttload of that!' Can we fault him for that? How about Obama? A failure to maintain a Status of Forces agreement with Iraq put us deep in a hole. An inability to stay away from the golf course led to Obama being absent during vital briefings on the ISICKLES and potentially important national and foreign subjects. Are you thinking EBOLA?
There is a clear pattern here. BUSH should have worked the SOURCES DEEPER, perhaps during or afterwards ramping up the search for those unaccounted for WMD's. Clearly we're finding out many of them did not go far, and probably not farther still to Syria. (Yeah, some ended up there too.) Obama? Gosh!, we just need a Bizarro Obama to actually pay attention to these things and fix what Regular Obama has broken. Can it be that simple?

Why couldn't I actually find a picture of Barack Osa-Obama as Bizarro Obama? He could have rode a unicorn!


We see it all around us, scandal after scandal, lie after lie. I hate to say it about the title of President of the United States of America, but can these failures be massive goofs? Some... maybe. Others, like Benghazi, ISIS, Ukraine/Russia, certain missing aircraft (and fleets), I believe we need to be asking ourselves America: Is Obama really working FOR US or AGAINST US?
Eh... not the usual quality, but I'm sick. I need to get this off and out of my chest... BLEH!

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