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Saturday, March 19, 2016


I'm seeing this too often. You weren't put on this earth to be liked; to have a popularity award given to you by every person ever; to be pressured into thinking the exact same thoughts as the next person. Saying such a thing is itself #Hitlerism. It is an ism, PLUS HITLER. Such an ism wasn't enough, you had to play the Hitler card into the equation. I believe those types wouldn't have done badly in Nazi Germany, nor would they do terribly in the Nazi States of America fantasy scenario playing in their brain matter. Add in rainbows, sparkles and unicorns to your own desire. EVERYONE I DON'T LIKE IS NOT HITLER. EVERYONE you DON'T LIKE IS NOT HITLER. In this political scenario, that would be the remaining 2016 POTUS Candidates. As said before, #Hitlerism is running STRONG in America right now. I don't like anyone in this race. Tough beans. I'M NOT HITLER BECAUSE I DON'T SUPPORT YOUR CANDIDATE. Is it going to be LITERAL Hitler in office come 2017? No. Is it going to be Metaphorical Hitler in office come 2017? Probably not, unless you count the Tea Party movement, #Americanism, Patriotism and every other thing GOOD THING to happen in America since FOREVER. That's the closest thing we've got that could come close to Nazism at this present moment. When did that do YOU wrong? You see the wrong candidate in the top spot and say: That is so wrong! Why can't it be Rand Paul or Mitt Romney or Jeb? Bush? An Elfin King. A two-time loser. A box of rocks. WHOOPS. I'm literally worse than Hitler now. Offense is everywhere and people are going on the defense. But the best defense is a better offense. But that makes me Hitler... really? Ask one of the remaining WWII vets if any one of the remaining candidates is worse than Hitler. I would bet that almost all of them say no. They fought against the REAL DEAL, HITLER HIMSELF. They came, they saw, they defeated the Hitlerism of their era. They didn't fight for their kids and grandkids to become little Hitlerists. Should they then say, I don't really like this grandkid of mine's decision, s/he is Hitler. If they're going around calling everyone they don't like Hitler, then yes. Hitler KNOWS Hitler. A similar scenario would be a demon calling another demon out from a possessed person. It just doesn't happen because essentially, the two demons are the same thing. Is it fear? Perhaps the candidate you don't like is threatening a more strict stance on something, for example, marijuana. Is that fear even enough to project the IMPENDING DOOM OF HITLER onto their supporter? Perhaps the candidate has a string of business failures, but otherwise is seemingly successful. Is that fear even enough to project the IMPENDING DOOM OF HITLER onto their supporter? I'm looking to Mitt Romney... why aren't people calling him and/or anyone he supports Hitler? I'm pretty sure he's had at least ONE failure in business and/or politics. Why not start calling Romney and those he supports Hitler? Now I can't be trusted though, because I'm WORSE THAN HITLER for even THINKING those THOUGHTS. It seems I can't go on, as I cannot be trusted, thinking out all the above for my own self. Hideous, nasty thoughts! I'm Hitler, or even worse, if that's possible from a dude like me. Remember that, kidzzz... ;)

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