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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Life, Liberty... and Entities?

Thanks to internet and places like Youtube I've seen UK gun debacle. No freedom to do what the gun owner likes; everything has to be put in fanciful records form, down to the very last grain. Inspectors are like, 'why even try?' General response: 'I have a right to be happy and do the things my forefathers before me for several generations loved doing.' -'thats just an old-fashioned concept!' - 'happiness and being free to make your own choices aren't "old-fashioned" concepts.' - 'we will just agree to disagree.'

Nothing is moved forward, one way or the other. I don't have exact numbers, but I'm pretty sure non-gun related violence saw an extreme spike. I think it has gone down some, but is still terribly high for the overall population. They're using knives. If they can't use knives, use a brick or a rock. If you don't have those, you still have fists. Should knives, bricks, rocks and/or fists be banned? I've heard rumor UK might be going after larger knives, only rumor. What about rocks? The very first murder weapon! Why aren't rocks banned?! Bricks, that should be obvious. A ban on bricks is a ban on buildings, which is a ban on life. Ban the lives we have now! Live like neanderthals! Better yet, ban the future. Clearly, we've stepped up from rocks, spears, bow and arrow, swords and guns. Ban fatty foods because we might get fat, have a heart attack and die. Ban Facebook because someone's feelings may get hurt. Ban angry glares, someone might see them. Ban this and ban that that because we want someone to feel as miserable as us.

Who wants to ban things? What are these things? Why? These are general questions that should be asked, many times never brought up; at least, nothing meaningful. The two words that keep popping into my mind are 'unnatural control'. Law gives the playing field boundaries; it's pretty obvious people can't go around killing each other, that's out-of-bounds. Monarchs, Parliaments and Congresses; egos grown so large it is clear they know what is good for you, whereas you can clearly see and believe in what is good for you before your very eyes. 'The government knows what I want and what is good for me. I believe that, so must others I know and love.' An unnatural control to tell you what is good in life-- rather than believe in it for oneself-- and what others need to live an 'enriched' life as the government-sponsored entity has. Living the life of an entity, an organism that is just there to take up space, is not the life to live for anyone.

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