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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kanye Hollywoodism

Kanye West is the bait n switch. Weird, to pull people intrigued by what they believe he's trying to say, followed by outrageous and blatantly hateful messages, targeted towards those he's duped into following him by an act of weird behavior.
You then wonder why you ever listened to him for five, or ten or fifteen minutes. The hateful noise of his words, the sting of his action. Why? Why did you ever give him any of your time? Why did you give him and those that support him any of your money for that matter? Why, if he has been historically proven to produce such messages and acts? Do you like the abuse? Do you like the way it feels? Do you like the way it makes other people feel? Do you like the Celebrityism and idolatry that he brings to the table?

Salvador Dali was weird, in his actions and his art. But he brought something tangible to the table. Something perhaps not definitive, yet completely able to be molded into one talking point or the other. Some thought he was heinous in some aspects; some thought he was a genius. (I'm not going to lie, I think he was a genius.)
Some perceived Bob Ross to be weird. 'How can he be so positive?' they said. Perhaps he was unwilling to let other, negative inclined people to bring him down. To forget the Celebrityism and idolatry and be the anithesis of those concepts.

Kanye West is being his own person, which itself should NOT be hated. Weird is the top level behavior for those converted to Hollywoodism and Celebrityism. Not the good kind of weird espoused by Dali and Ross either. The weird we're talking about here is the Tom Cruise weird. The Lady Gaga weird. They could almost be called Weird Whores. Because that's what they do. They'll be weird for those specific times in which they are paid or have enough attention on them, then BAM! RACISM. HOLLYWOOD BUFFOONERY. IDOL WORSHIP. Weird, for the love of the dollar and the slaves that support and promote them.

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