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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Waffle House Rules: Waffles Decoded

This is the first in a semi-regular series of basic decryption/s:  - The story: man robs Waffle House with pitchfork.

First off: Robs a (Waffle) House with a pitchfork. Think deeply, but not overly deep. Who or what robs your house with a pitchfork?

It's all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Look at the location: Norcross. Norcross what this story is saying and not understand. :|

Wooten Woten Wodin Odin Norse Mythology. Why is this man a myth? Did you see his pitchfork when he grabbed the treasure from the House?

The two followed him, called to warn others about him. This is his last day before he is sprung as a thief of the treasures in the House.

Windows busted by the pitchfork. How could a mythology become injured, possibly in the neck? Some things become abandoned.

Location and Place stamping securing the mythology to a specific place at a specific time, though with not much more specificity.

The mythology has yet to be caught, securing him for that future engagement with the Judge. This is #Decoded.

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